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How Many Blink Doorbells Can You Have (Can You Have 2 or More?)

Last Updated Jul 19, 2022
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Video doorbells have risen in popularity over the past several years because they give homeowners a sense of security. The ability to video your front door can give you peace of mind and help you decide if you even want to open the door. Video doorbells are also excellent for warding off unwanted guests or intruders.

Every Blink system can host up to two Blink doorbells. This situation allows you to have doorbells at more than one entrance to your home.

Continue reading to learn how to set up two Blink doorbells and all of the benefits you can receive when you have multiple doorbells for your home.

How to Set Up 2 Blink Doorbells

Fortunately, setting up multiple doorbells for your home is easier than you may expect. Follow the steps below to get multiple doorbells hooked to your Blink app.

  1. Position both Blink doorbells in the desired entrances of your home.
  2. Download the Blink app onto your smartphone or tablet.
  3. Once you download the Blink app onto your phone, open it up to the app’s home screen.
  4. Locate the plus sign in the top right corner of your home screen and tap it.
  5. The app will prompt you to select the devices you want to add. At this point, you can add either both of your cameras or just your second camera. If you already have one set up.
  6. Allow the Blink app permission to scan a QR code, so the rest of the process is automated. This method will make set-up significantly easier for you.

Adding a second doorbell to your Blink system will help you feel safer in your home. Most houses have multiple entrances that require guarding, and setting up these doorbells will help you keep your eyes on multiple places.

Benefits of Multiple Blink Doorbells

You should set up multiple Blink doorbells on your system for several reasons. First, the more surveillance you keep in your home, the fewer unfortunate incidents you will encounter. The following are several reasons why setting up a second Blink doorbell could benefit you.

  • Multiple video doorbells help decrease your chances of unwanted visitors entering your home.
  • Having multiple Blink cameras on one system will allow you to have more important videos at your house.
  • Alert yourself to any human or animal visitors that come to your doorsteps.
  • Keep track of any odd behavior at either entrance of your home.
  • Talk to anyone who arrives at your house’s main entrances.

Blink doorbells are motion activated so you can monitor either entrance to your house when activity occurs. You can also communicate with visitors when you set up multiple Blink doorbells, regardless of their chosen entrance. This news is excellent for homes that utilize multiple entrances regularly.

Best Spots to Set Up Additional Blink Doorbells

If you’re struggling with ideas on where you want to set up your additional Blink doorbell, you should consider a few things. The amount of traffic an entrance receives, suspicious activity, or vulnerable areas of your home can be huge determining factors for where you set up your second Blink doorbell. The following are popular spots people set up Blink doorbells at home.

  • The front door is the most common place to set up a Blink doorbell because that is the entrance that will have the most traffic. People receive deliveries, guests, and mail frequently at their front door.
  • The back door is the second most common place to add a Blink doorbell. This is because houses with front and back doors often see traffic through both entrances.
  • Add a Blink doorbell to your garage door to ensure nothing suspicious happens in that area. Homeowners frequently overlook their garage when it comes to home security and can often wind up with items missing. In addition, thieves see garages as accessible areas for burglary.
  • Add your Blink doorbell to a front or back gate so that you can add security to your entire yard. This spot can help you prevent item theft from your yard or ward off any mischievous children from vandalizing your garden.
  • If you have a pool, it would be a fantastic idea to place a Blink doorbell on the gate of the entrance to your pool. Many pool owners have people visit their pools without their knowledge, and a Blink doorbell can help you prevent that problem.
  • You can use your Blink doorbell as an additional security camera to survey any area of your yard by attaching it to the side of your house. So, if you have an area of your house that you believe receives suspicious activity, you can use a second Blink doorbell to keep an eye out until you solve your issue.

Having a second Blink doorbell on your house will give you the security you need to feel safe at home. In addition, it will be easy for you to install your device wherever you need it.

 Final Thoughts

Your Blink system can host up to two Blink doorbells at a time. Additional Blink doorbells can help you keep your house significantly more secure than a single doorbell would. The more doorbells you set up on your home, the less likely intruders or burglars will enter. For example, many people are aware of front doorbells and will go straight to the back of the house to burglarize it. When set-up a second doorbell on the back-end entrance, you avoid and minimize this problem.