How Long Will Insignia TV Last Until It’s Time To Replace Them?


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Insignia is a brand owned by Best Buy and sold all over the world. It is marketed and branded as a budget option for televisions, refrigerators, and a lot more. Simply because it is branded as a budget TV option does not mean you should expect less from the life span, but all TVs have a limited life. So how long should your Insignia TV last?

You should expect that your Insignia TV can last a minimum of seven years with a significant amount of usage before being replaced. If you reduce the amount your TV is utilized, you should be able to extend that to ten years or more.

Several factors go into the life span of any TV, including Insignia. While Insignia can be significantly less expensive than top-end brands, you can take some steps to ensure they last at least as long and perhaps longer than those brands. Read on to find out how to extend the life of your TV.

Make The Insignia TV Last By Avoiding Burnout

The backlight is the highest failure rate component in any TV, not just Insignia TVs. It has a limited number of hours and can provide a large amount of light for a low amount of power. Once the backlight goes, the TC becomes dark and unviewable. You can replace the backlight, but it will likely be more expensive than a new TV.

Because the backlight burnout is directly related to the number and intensity of hours the backlight is active, anything that can be done to limit them will extend its life and your TV’s. The best thing you can do to make your Insignia TV last is to ensure it is completely off when not in use.

Insignia TVs, like many others, stay on even if they are not being watched. The screen may look black, but the backlight is still on and lighting a black screen. Turning it off when not in use will not only extend the life of the TV significantly, but it will also cut down on power bills.

If you’ve lost your remote, you can easily replace it or use your phone to ensure your Insignia TV is turned off.

Be Good To Your Backlight

Knowing that the backlight is what will go bad first with your Insignia TV and that the number of hours of burn-in is what causes the backlight to fail, it should be obvious that reducing the amount of use of the TV will extend the life of the TV. It’s also good for the soul.

Ensuring there is adequate cooling for the TV is absolutely crucial, particularly in warm and humid climates. Spacing between the TV and wall mount, if it is mounted, is one of the biggest factors in ensuring the backlight and the TV, in general, receive the right amount of cooling. The failure rate increases dramatically when airflow is not allowed.

Hands Off

Second only to a failing backlight is physical breakage. Whether it is a ball, stick, pet, or human, physically striking the screen should be avoided. Even if it does not look like the strike damaged the screen, damage to the backlight is possible due to the shaking of the entire TV.

There are a few best practices to minimize the possibility of a broken screen.

  1. Keep it high off the ground. Most screens are broken when they are at the same height as people’s shoes, knees, and elbows. Consider purchasing and installing a wall mount for your Insignia TV.
  2. Do not place the TV in a high traffic area. Placing it in a corner or another location out of the natural traffic flow minimizes the likelihood of accidental strikes.
  3. Don’t move it. Seriously – the backlight and TV are damaged far more frequently during moves than at any other time.

Smart, But Not So Bright

The final tip to keeping your backlight in good shape is to keep the brightness on a lower setting. The more time the brightness is kept on full or near-full blast will decrease the life of the backlight is much faster than if it was kept down. It may help to adjust the lighting in the room to facilitate the lowering of the brightness.

Replacing Insignia TV’s Faster Than Others?

Insignia is a brand for all devices used synonymously with bargain models. When it comes to pure reliability and length of service, it should not be expected to need a replacement any more or less frequently than other brands.

Simply because the retailer themselves manufactures them, they can cut out the middleman and offer them for far less than other brands. The reliability of internal components is about the same.

There are many other differences between Insignia and others, such as gaming speed and the depth of black shown onscreen. If you are entertaining purchasing a new television, be sure to consider these as well.

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