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How Long Will a TCL TV Last Until It’s Time to Replace Them?

Last Updated Jun 22, 2022

TCL TVs have a reputation for being affordable, but a downside of affordable brands is that they sometimes lack the durability of more expensive models. So how long can you expect a TCL TV to last before replacing it?

Most TCL TVs will last around seven years under heavy use if they are used properly. TVs can be used until they show a reduction in picture quality or stop working. TCL TVs come with a warranty to help protect the new TVs against manufacturer’s defects and other issues. 

TCL TVs will last a long time and last even longer if you take care of them. Keep reading to learn more about the typical lifespan of a TCL TV and how long you can use them before replacing them. 

What Is the Lifespan of a TCL TV? 

The lifespan of a TCL TV depends on how it is used. TVs that are used less frequently won’t wear out as quickly. However, any TCL TV that sees heavy (daily) use can expect to last around seven years before you have to deal with any hardware problems

Several factors may impact the lifespan of a TCL TV, such as the following: 

  • Transport: If you move a TCL TV around frequently rather than leaving it in one location, you increase your chances of accidentally jarring the TV’s electronics during transport or damaging the surface of the monitor. Mounting your TCL TV in one spot and leaving it there for the duration of its lifespan can help it last longer.
  • Use: If you only use your TV for an hour or two a day versus running it constantly throughout the day, you’ll be putting a lot less wear and tear on the hardware. Using your TV less frequently can double its lifespan over time. Video games can also burn out a TV more quickly if they are demanding on TV’s visual processors.
  • Environment: Keeping your TV operating in a temperature-controlled environment with low humidity can help protect the electronics inside it, increasing its lifespan. If your TV is outside, consider purchasing a cover for it.

Since the usage and environment of TVs vary so much from set to set, it’s almost impossible to say exactly how long a flat-screen TV will last. The majority of flat-screen TVs will operate correctly for 40,000 to 100,000 hours of use. 

Are TCL TVs Reliable?

TCL TVs are generally considered reliable for their price range. However, since these TVs are cheaper and made of cheaper materials, they may not last as long as more expensive, higher-quality TV models. 

The best way to ensure that a TCL TV remains reliable is to operate it at the proper settings and use it correctly. 

Proper Settings to Make a TCL TV Last

Adjusting the settings of your TCL TV may not seem like a major change in its operation. However, making a few adjustments to your TV settings can help improve your picture quality in the long run. Here are two settings to look at to help make your TCL TV last: 

  • Brightness: TVs that are sold are often set to a showroom level of brightness that is a little too high for home use. Leaving the brightness on high levels for extended periods can burn your TV out more quickly. Reduce the brightness of your TV and dim ambient lighting in the room to maintain your picture quality better as the TV ages.
  • Contrast: Like brightness, using a high contrast can cause your TV to use up more power over time. This can decrease the lifespan of the TV versus using it at a more reasonable contrast. Adjust the contrast down to help increase your TV’s durability. 

Tweaking your TCL TV’s settings is one of the easiest ways you can prevent the TV from burning out too early. The next thing you should look at is how you use the TV. 

Proper Usage to Make a TCL TV Last

TVs are designed to see a lot of daily use since the average person can watch over four hours of TV a day. The more you use your TV, the more likely it is that your TV will wear out ahead of its average lifespan. 

The easiest way to make sure that your TCL TV lasts a long time is to make sure the TV monitor is turned off when you’re not using it. Every hour that the TV is left powered up and the screen is operating is taking hours off its working lifespan whether you’re watching the TV or not. 

When Is It Time to Replace a TCL TV?

Unlike household items that come with a designated expiration date, electronics like flat-screen TVs typically aren’t replaced until they break down and stop working. If your TCL TV has a malfunction within the first year of operation, know that the TV should be covered under a limited one-year warranty as long as it is registered to the company. 

If your TCL TV has some problems, like not being able to change the channel, check out some troubleshooting guides before replacing your TV.

The time to replace a TCL TV is when you can no longer get the TV to power up or the flat screen becomes damaged during operation. Otherwise, the best course of action is to have enough money set aside to replace the TV in an emergency fund, so you don’t go without one for long if the TV decides to break down. 

TCL TVs Last a Long Time With Maintenance

If you take good care of your TCL TV, you can expect to have it around for several years. Making a few adjustments to the picture and your usage habits can help ensure you have your set around for as long as possible.