How Long Does the Ring Doorbell Record?

Ring video doorbell installed on red brick homeRing video doorbell installed on red brick home

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Ring is a security company which was once named Doorbot and gained popularity through the television show, Shark Tank. The product was sold to Amazon who now trumps the market as the top security doorbell with a recording feature on the market. But the big consumer issue with the product – recording time.

How long does the Ring doorbell record? The answer is 30 seconds. This is an improvement on second and third models compared to the first Developed Ring product which only records for 20 seconds. The recording begins once motion is detected at the door and cuts off at the 20-30 second mark.

This is an issue, point-blank. Many reports they had suspicious activity at their door and the footage cuts off right before they can tell what the suspect does next.

This is a relatively minimal recording time compared to the competition. This guide will give you information on the future of Ring and alternatives in the meantime.

How Long Does the Ring Doorbell Record?

Not long enough is the short answer. There is a huge complaint amongst consumers of Ring about the recording times with many people in the forum and on Yahoo Answers asking – “Why did my Ring cut off recording in like 20 seconds?” or “How do I fix this?”

hand ringing Ring doorbell outside home

The sad answer is, you can’t. Amazon is aware of the issue and despite having many positive features, this is a hangout that their consumers aren’t happy about.

Amazon has become one of the largest companies in the world and is known for being well-priced, open about ratings of their products, and with a friendly return policy of no questions asked. What this means is – the company listens to their consumers. They want their buyers to be happy, so they just keep shopping on Amazon all day.

In my opinion, this means your opinions are being heard. If enough people harp about the recording duration on the Ring Doorbell, they’ll have no option but to increase the recording time.

Despite this hang-up, there are thousands of five-star reviews and people raving about the products. Some of the features it’s best known for are:

  • Recording of door’s peephole with 1080P HD video quality which allows you to hear, see and speak to visitors from anywhere around the world.
  • Connection options to the app so you can secure your home no matter where you’re at.
  • Sensors which will tell your app/phone when you have a visitor, someone knocks on the door, or motion is detected.
  • Lighting options and additional products to be purchased to increase the night vision capabilities of the Ring (which are also lacking along with the recording time).
  • Adjustable motion detection.
  • Quote, “5 Minute Installation Time.” Debatable based on the reviews.
  • Works with Alexa so you can speak to it from inside your house.
  • Know when a package is delivered to let the carrier know where to leave it.
  • Includes insurance so if it’s stolen, lost, or broken, at least you’ve got a reputable company like Amazon on your side instead of a sketchy no-name. If it’s stolen, they replace it for free.

So there are plenty of wonderful things about the Ring and this is not an Amazon bash piece. My only argument is that perhaps the product was rushed out a bit prematurely to beat the competition and get the Amazon credit of originality (therefore credit) for the product.

They wanted to get their first, so congratulations on that. But the product needs some work. Many reviewers and purchasers agree with the most recent on the page being 1-2 star reviews.

Reviews on Ring:

Some opinions from those who have spent the $199.00 on the product have their own opinions. Some of their thoughts include –

  • “In short… The Ring Doorview Camera has awful blindspots, is buggy with a seriously delayed response and the Ring Doorbell 2 has software issues that will make it default to “night vision” in a very well lit area. Thanks, but no thanks Ring!”
  • “The real failure of this device is its “motion detection”. To illustrate, I’ve attached photos and video. It goes off about every 5 minutes (leaving battery life that lasts 3 days), even for things across the street, even though it’s supposed to have a 5’ range (also attached). The kicker is that it Doesn’t actually catch people coming up to the door. It only shows me coming in our out about 1 in 10 times. I even thought about making a video to show this, but it’s not worth my time for this Piece of junk”
  • “I wrote them back in January asking the same thing because this is a huge issue. It’s not a very good security camera if it inky record the first 30 seconds of the crime. I was told it would be changed in either March or April, but still nothing. Seriously thinking about jumping ship..”
  • “You should know, if a person doesn’t actually push the button, it ignores the motion after 30 seconds for you and 20 for my original ring. FAQ says the will be making it a setting for you to change but it’s said that for months now. Very annoying.”

Some other products you should consider if this recording duration is a deal-breaker for you are –

Alternatives to Ring:

Doorbell and security options which record longer include:

  • The Ring Pro – a new line Amazon is developing which may cost an extra hundred but keeps a continuous loop. When motion is detected, it goes back to that five-second loop but the camera is always on.
  • Arlo Wired Doorbell – With over 10,000+ Amazon reviews and the big camera brand name Arlo – its hard to go wrong with them. Their camera quality is superior to other brands.
  • SkyBell – Another top-rated contender for similar usage and functionality but must cheaper cost. Actually, free each month, unlike many others which require subscriptions.

If these alternatives are too expensive or still not what you’re looking for, you may want to consider security alternatives that are used for corporate purposes. These security cameras are used in offices usually and require heaping amounts of film/storage, but they will record 24/7 and give you that kind of security if it’s what you’re seeking.

Final Thoughts:

Amazon has full intention to improve Ring and has already been working on a new line to hear their consumers on their woes. They are installing many updates to the app to improve the safety as well as a line of lighting extensions for the night-vision complains.

Amazon is also adding an extended motion detection zone with a more fish-eyed vision, live camera previews, timestamps so you know the time and date on the footage, and bulk downloading to increase the ease.

This is a company we respect and love for the ease it brings to our lives. And Amazon 1 day shipping! That nonsense is spoiling us all for normal mailing tendencies.

As far as filming time, the 20-30 second recording after motion detection is really unbelievable. Something is soon to be done about it but if you can’t wait for that, research the best option for you. Security is a peace of mind worth any amount of money.

Shop with intention, knowledge and thorough research. Then you’re sure to find the best security for your home and your needs!

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