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How Long Does The Marshall Kilburn 2 Bluetooth Battery Last?

Last Updated Jun 30, 2022

The Marshall Kilburn 2 is a phenomenal Bluetooth speaker. It has amazing sound quality, a user-friendly Bluetooth pairing capability, and it’s portable. This is extremely convenient for those who enjoy music both indoors and outdoors. While its portability is important, its other features add to the overall package. It is a strong contender in the speaker market.

The Marshall Kilburn 2 lasts up to 20 hours on a single full charge. If the battery is not fully charged, then the time of the battery life will vary depending on the amount of charge left in the speaker before its use.

If you decide whether to buy one of these speakers, you likely have some questions about its specifications to see if it fits your needs. Most importantly, you are likely wondering how long the battery will last and other important information. Keep reading to learn about the battery life and other important specs this speaker comes with.

Impressive Battery Life

The Marshall Kilburn 2 is a retro-styled Bluetooth speaker that reminds many people of a rock amplifier. This Bluetooth speaker has fantastic sound quality and can turn up quite loudly. Many people like to use it for outdoor events because it is so easy to hear in a large space. 

This has an amazing battery life with up to 20 hours of play time. To fully charge the battery of this speaker, it will take about two and a half hours of charging time. 

It is important to understand some other important aspects of the speaker—for example, how to charge it and troubleshoot it if it is not functioning properly or charging properly. 

Keep reading to learn about charging this speaker and how to troubleshoot battery woes.

How to Charge the Marshall Kilburn 2

To get the most battery life out of the Marshall Kilburn 2 speaker, it is important to ensure that you properly charge the device. If you do not use best practices, you will not get the most out of your new Bluetooth speaker. To charge your Marshall Kilburn 2, the best way is to follow these quick and simple steps:

  1. Look at the back of the speaker and locate the weather flap at the bottom right-hand corner.
  2. Open up the weather flap. 
  3. Take the power cord that came with the speaker and plug it into the power jack on the speaker.
  4. Take the other end of the power jack and plug it into the wall.

If you do this correctly, you will see that the battery indicator light will indicate that the speaker is charging. There is a risk that if it is not done properly, it will not glow and will not show that the speaker is charging.

Power Problems

Even when we charge the speaker the appropriate way, things can make the process difficult or faulty. Like with all technology, things go wrong. When this is the case, it is important to try to troubleshoot different methods to get the device up and running the right way again. We have a list of some common issues you can troubleshoot to help fix power issues.

Speaker Won’t Turn On

One problem you may have is the speaker will not turn on. This could be because the battery has died and needs to be charged again. If you charge the battery and leave it sitting for a long time without use, it will slowly drain naturally over time. This could mean that there was less charge left than anticipated. Charge it up and try again to see if it works.

Also, try connecting it in different ways to rule out the connection being the problem. You can connect it via Bluetooth or a 3.5mm AUX cable.

Battery Bar Too Dim 

If you are having a hard time seeing the battery level on the speaker because it is too dim, there is a method to fix this. The speaker automatically dims this battery level indicator when the speaker is in use. This is because it saves power. If you like it bright, you can simply turn the knob to adjust the lighting up. Remember, though, that this will cause the battery to drain quickly.

Lost AC Power Cord

You are not lost without power methods if you cannot locate your AC power cord. Users can buy a new AC power cord on the Marshall Kilburn website or through Amazon. This speaker uses a standard AC power cord to charge. When buying a new power cord, ensure it is UL listed for best results. 

Dance the Night Away

You can start the party when you get the battery level under control. Simply connect your smartphone or Bluetooth-enabled device to the speaker, press play, and enjoy the music. Whether dancing the night away or doing yard work, this is a great speaker to use practically anywhere.