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How Long Does The Eufy Floodlight Camera Stay On?

Last Updated Jul 17, 2022
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Home security is a top priority for many people. Not only does it give them peace of mind, but it also provides them with video evidence in case the worst is to happen. There is a large number of home security devices available, especially floodlight cameras. When choosing a brand, you may wonder, how long does the Eufy floodlight camera stay on?

The lights on the Eufy floodlight camera stay on for 30 seconds at 100% brightness when it detects motion. After, it returns to 25% brightness. Additionally, users can schedule when they want the lights to turn on. 

The Eufy Floodlight Camera is user-friendly and intuitive. It allows its users to manually adjust its settings to perform according to expectations and accommodate certain needs. The app can be downloaded on a smartphone or tablet, making it convenient and accessible. Keep reading to learn how to adjust the light settings and troubleshoot the application.

How to Adjust the Light Timer

Using the eufySecurity app is a good way to automate smart device processes within the home. The app will automatically adjust smart device settings based on user preference when it is entered as a schedule. This is great for busy people or those going on vacation. Follow these steps to adjust the light timer on your Eufy Floodlight Camera:

  1. Open the eufySecurity app
  2. Click the + button at the top right corner of the app
  3. Pick select a new period in the menu
  4. Pick which mode you want to implement: home, away, or customized
  5. Select activation time
  6. Pick the day or days you want to implement the schedule
  7. Save the schedule

The lights will now turn on and off based on your schedule. The light brightness can also be altered within this menu, which is great because the lights on the Eufy Floodlight camera are extremely bright. This allows you to decide how bright the lights get when they are on. That way, you do not need too much light when sleeping, but enough to use if you need to walk outside at night.

Light Adjustments, Big Problems

Sometimes we want to go into an app, press two buttons, and receive our desired result. Although this is a dream, it is not a reality. Most of the time, adjustments take time and finesse. There are instances when you will need to go in and adjust the settings in a trial fashion to get the desired result. When you are stuck, don’t panic, we have tips to help below.

Lights Are Too Bright

Sometimes you can install the Eufy Floodlight Camera and realize the LED lights are too bright. Although it is nice to see where you are going, it is not nice to try to sleep when a bright light is shining on your face. Eufy makes it easy to adjust this setting within its eufySecurity app. Open up and follow these instructions to change the brightness setting:

  1. Find the schedule that the Eufy Floodlight Camera is following and tap it.
  2. When the schedule opens, click on the Eufy Floodlight Camera and its settings.
  3. Go to Warm Color Temperature lighting and adjust the setting to meet your needs.
  4. Go to the Cold Color Temperature lighting settings and adjust them.
  5. Change the brightness percentage for the lights, and select when these percentages should apply (default, motion activated, etc.).
  6. Save the settings and close the app.
  7. Try out the settings and adjust again if necessary.

Adjusting the light brightness on a Eufy is not an exact science. It all comes down to user preference. Since this is the case, users may change the settings multiple times until they find a good fit for their lifestyles. Once you find that sweet part, you will be all set to go.

Light Settings Are Frozen

If you go into the application and try to adjust the settings and find out that you cannot do so, you can get frustrated qu

ickly. The main cause of this issue is when the app is not updated to the latest version of the Eufy firmware. Take a moment to update the firmware manually. When the update is done, go back in and try the light adjustments again.

The Lights won’t Turn On

Sometimes we adjust the settings and unintentionally make a mistake. When this happens, the Eufy Floodlight Camera may not turn on. First, open the app and try to adjust the settings. If the settings seem acceptable, try performing a hard reset instead. This can sometimes refresh the app and Bluetooth signal to get the camera functioning properly again.

Brighten Up Your Home

The Eufy Floodlight Camera is a great option for home security. Not only is it bright, but it is an affordable smart floodlight. It has a great camera and an easy-to-use app to adjust settings on the move. This floodlight camera is a great smart home device for any home.

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