How Long Does the Blink XT2 Record? Record Continuously?

blink xt2 waterproof mounted to wallblink xt2 waterproof mounted to wall

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Many security devices, like commercial IP cameras, can continuously record footage stored on cloud-based servers. However, when it comes to consumer options, like the Blink XT2, the recording lengths are often dictated by battery life and other limitations.

The Blink XT2 has adjustable recording durations, ranging from 5 to 60 seconds. Though it is unable to record continuously, there are still some options to ensure your property is securely and consistently monitored.

Blink’s XT2 camera offers competitive features allowing users to record their footage directly from the associated app. This article will provide an in-depth look into how the Blink XT2 camera records footage and some options for adjusting your recording settings.

Blink XT2 Recording: An Overview

The Blink XT2 records footage when motion is detected in customizable “activity zones” or manually using the Blink app’s Live View feature. Additionally, the camera can record in 1080p HD during the day and with infrared night vision when dark at night.

The Live View feature allows users to remotely access their camera’s footage and record up to 15 hours of video on a single pair of 1.5v AA lithium batteries. Not only that, but you can also adjust the clip length and retrigger time, so you’re only monitoring what’s important.

Continuous Recording

As we briefly touched upon earlier, Blink cameras (including the XT2) record footage based on motion detection and will send alerts directly to your mobile device. As such, there is no default option to record continuously without an active trigger.

With the XT2 model, users also record while using the Live View feature in the app, though extended use will significantly impact both your phone and camera’s battery life.

Clip Length

Blink XT2 users can also adjust the length that motion clips are recorded. The clip length can be set anywhere between 5 and 60 seconds on most models (the Blink Mini has a maximum clip length of 30 seconds).

If you’re unsure how to configure your settings, here’s a look at how to adjust the Blink XT2 clip length:

  1. First, download and install the Blink Home Monitor App (Google Play).
  2. From the app, navigate to the camera you want to configure and touch the settings icon.
  3. From the settings, scroll towards the bottom under “Motion Detection” and adjust the slider from 5 to 60 seconds (depending on your setup).

Note: If you notice the clip recording has a significant impact on your battery life, you can enable the “End Clip Early if Motion Stops” setting, so the footage will only capture specific events.

Adjusting Retrigger Time

In addition to adjusting the recorded clip length, Blink XT2 users can also configure the camera’s retrigger time from the Home Monitor app. The retrigger time is the delay from the end of a recorded motion event to the start of a new motion recording. By default, the XT2 is set with a 30 second retrigger time, meaning there will be a 30-second delay after recording an event.

The retrigger time can be adjusted from 10 seconds to 60 seconds, depending on how often the motion detection is triggered. Changing the retrigger time will also reduce the number of false alarms sent to your mobile device by allowing for a slight delay after an event is recorded.

The settings to adjust the Retrigger Time can be found in the same area as the Clip Length settings; however, if you are unfamiliar with the process, Blink support offers a helpful article here.

Why Doesn’t the XT2 Offer Continuous Recording?

Given the variety of features offered by the XT2, you may be wondering, “Why isn’t there an option to record footage continuously?”

While users can technically record footage manually with the Live View feature, this would drain the camera’s battery in a matter of hours and is not intended for continuous use. Additionally, it would require your mobile device to be active while recording, having a significant impact on your battery life.

In addition to reducing your devices’ battery life, the continuous recording would exceed Blink’s free cloud storage. With the Blink XT2, users are given limited free storage, which amounts to about 1,440 five-second clips. Using Live View to record would quickly use up the free storage, meaning you’d have to opt for their paid subscription plans for any additional storage.

If you’re looking for more information on Blink storage plans, check out our article here.

In Summary

Many consumer-friendly home security cameras provide various customizable features, often in place of the ability to continuously record. However, with adjustable clip length durations and retrigger times, you can set your XT2 to only monitor what’s important, improving the battery life while also reducing false alarm notifications sent to your mobile device.

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