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How Long Does Nest Thermostat Battery Last?

Last Updated Nov 11, 2021
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The Nest thermostat is an amazing buy. This smart thermostat doesn’t only program your schedule, it also helps you save energy and can be programmed by any of your home devices. 

The Nest thermostat battery charges itself using its wiring while there is power and lasts up to 2 hours while power is shut off. 

There are a few things you need to know about your best thermostat as you go. Keep reading for an easy yet comprehensive manual of this thermostat. 

How To Install Your Nest Thermostat

Let’s take a look at the steps to installing your Nest thermostat:

  1. Ensure that your current wiring system is functioning properly before installing the new Nest thermostat 
  2. Go to your circuit breaker and cut the power
  3. Remove the faceplate of your current thermostat and take a clear picture of the wiring in case it will be needed later. (Note: If your current thermostat has “120 V or 240 V” inscribed on it, has wires that won’t move, or has thicker wires bolted in with wire nuts, it means that your wiring system is high voltage and not compatible with the Nest Thermostat.)
  4. Unscrew or remove the jumper wires. If your wire connectors have more than 1 set of labels, the app will direct you on which of the labels to use.
  5. Note the wires you have and check them off, labeling each one using the stickers you will find in the box. 
  6. Disconnect your old thermostat. 
  7. Connect the base plate of your new thermostat, if you’re using a Nest Trim Kit or wall cover, apply it before the base plate. The Wall cover helps cover parts of the wall your rather small, round thermostat will not. It’s an amazing idea for aesthetics and you can purchase one on Amazon here.
  8. Press the buttons and fix the loose wires into their allocated slots. When you press the buttons, they will remain pressed.
  9. Fix the display/faceplate of the thermostat and turn your power back on at your circuit breaker. You can now connect it to the home app. 

Now, let’s look at how to set up and configure your thermostat.

How To Set Up and Configure Your Nest Thermostat

After installing the Home App, your nest thermostat will detect it. It will then ask you to select a language and you can run a quick test. 

Your Home App will then make a few inquiries about your heating or cooling system and the Nest Thermostat will adjust its temperature sensor for your home. 

Your Home App will search for Wi-Fi network options and will ask you to choose one. Pick one that is yours to continue configuring your thermostat

Here are the things you’d need to do when setting up the home app:

  1. Add your home address to the app in order for the App to be able to tell if you’re home or not.
  2. Input the location of the Nest Thermostat within the home. This will be used to carry out voice commands and for device organization.
  3. There are settings such as scheduling which sets temperatures conducive for each part of the day. You can input in settings to save energy. 
  4. Temperature presets which you can use at any point instead of setting the thermostat afresh.
  5. Create a schedule for those presets when you’re home.
  6. Home/Away Assist features can be turned on. This means that the thermostat will use Eco temperature Features when you are away and scheduled temperatures when you’re home.

The app will also alert you if there are any system issues and you will receive seasonal reminders for routine checks.

If you’d like to learn more about the Nest Home app, check out this article.

How To Control Your Thermostat

Nest Thermostats font has a touch screen on the face plate. There is a Touch Bar on the right hand side to control it. Swipe up to raise the temperature and swipe down to reduce it. The display screen will show you how much time before your desired temperature is reached. 

When you add your device to the app, you can control it from your phone anytime even if you aren’t at home. 

The Nest Thermostat can be controlled using the Home app. The app can do the following:

  • Change your target temperature.
  • Switch to Eco Temperature.
  • Turn on the cooling system 
  • Turn off the cooling system 
  • Change your temperature schedule
  • Add new presets 

And lots more. 


The Nest Smart Thermostat offers a wide range of features that are peculiar to the brand. From a trusted brand like Google, they are constantly upgrading in order to make the device as user friendly as possible. We hope this article assists and guides you on the temperature journey with Nest. 

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