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How Long Do Tile Mate Batteries Last?

Last Updated Sep 23, 2021
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Tile Mates are certainly popular Bluetooth teachers amongst users for a variety of reasons (all of which we’re going to dig into in this article.) But one of the most common questions we hear when it comes to Tile Mates is how long do the batteries last?

Tile claims that the Mate batteries will last about 12 months, and users generally agree. After a year, you can easily replace your Tile Mate battery with a CR1632, a standard watch battery available for a low price on Amazon. If your battery dies before the one-year mark, Tile will replace it for free! Tile Battery Replacement

Now that you know how long the battery will last and what to do when it dies, you may want to know a little more about the Mate. How does it work? How does it compare to other Tile Products? Don’t worry, all these questions will be answered shortly so you can feel confident buying and operating your Tile Mate. 

How Does the Tile Mate Work?

The Tile Mate is an extremely small 1.4 by 1.4 by 0.3 inch device that can connect via Bluetooth to a variety of Android and IOS gadgets within a 200-foot range

This tiny white square can track your misplaced keys, wallet, or even your phone with two-way tracking. You will need to download the Tile app on your phone to use the product, and once you’ve done so you can either use the app to find your items or use your Mate to find your phone. 

As we have learned, the only action you will have to take once you’ve set up your Tile Mate, besides occasionally updating your software, is to replace the batteries after about one year.  Replacing your Tile Mate battery after it has died, hopefully around a year after purchase, is as easy as opening the little back door on the device. Tile Mate Battery Life

If you do not want to have to search for the right battery on the internet, you can sign up for Tile’s Premium Plan to receive free replacement batteries every year. This plan also comes with a few other cool features: you will be alerted immediately if you’ve left any of your connected items behind, 30-day location history, and more. Tile Mate

How Does the Tile Mate Compare to the Other Tile Products?

If you are now curious and excited about the prospect of purchasing a Tile product, you may want to know that there are quite a few options. 

The Tile Mate and Pro are both small square devices that easily attach to your bag, keys, water bottle, or even belt loops. Whereas the Slim is a small card that will fit in your wallet, pocket, or to the back of your tablet, and the Stickers are tiny adhesives that attach to your remote, electronic devices, or really anything that you tend to lose. Compare Tile Products

Extensive research has been done to compare and contrast all the available devices; here’s what we’ve learned. 

FeatureTile MateTile ProTile SlimTile Sticker
Price$24.99$34.99$53.99 (2x)$39.99 (2x)
Size (mm)35 x 35 x 6.242 x 42 x 6.586 x 54 x 2.427 x 7.3
Bluetooth Range (ft)200400200150
Battery Life1 Year Replaceable1 Year Replaceable3 YearBuilt-In2 YearBuilt-In
Water ResistanceResistantResistantWaterproofWaterproof
Android and IOS CompatabilityYesYesYesYes

Although all of the Tile products have great user-friendly features, consumers have chosen the Tile Mate time and time again as their favorite, and here are a few reasons why:

  • Although it’s not quite as loud as the Pro, it has a loud-enough and high-pitched tone which means you can easily hear any alerts. 
  • If you have lost your phone out of the range of the Mate, it will turn on “Lost” mode and let you know as soon as the phone comes into range, and then you can simply select “Find” on the app for the exact location. 
  • The Mate offers one of the lowest prices on the market when compared to similar devices. 
  • The replaceable batteries mean your Tile Mate can last a whole lot longer for a fraction of the price.

Tile does a great job at describing and comparing their products, so make sure to check out their website if you have more questions. 


The new Tile Mate and Tile Pro now come equipped with a replaceable battery located behind a tiny door on the back of the device. It can be easily changed by the user when the battery dies after about 12 months. 

Most Tile users are pretty excited about this feature as it means the product is going to last for years, not months. 

Maybe all this information has even led you to their website and you have purchased a Tile Mate tracker. If so, getting it connected to start tracking couldn’t be easier, and Tile has wonderfully detailed instructions to do so!

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