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How Long Do The Powerbeats 2 Battery Last?

Last Updated Jun 29, 2022

When it comes to reliable headphones, there are a variety of different factors to think about. You can hook over the ear or in-the-ear headphones, cord linked, or wireless. The Powerbeats 2 are wireless, hands-free, and have a reliable battery life.

The battery life of the Powerbeats 2 is about 6 hours long. Charging the Powerbeats 2 will take about 90 minutes to get to full charge. The lightning cable that comes with the Powerbeats 2 will allow you to plug your headphones into any USB port. 

In the sections below, we’ll explore the Powerbeats 2 battery life, the different signals your battery will send you about its life, and common issues that your battery may have & how to fix them. 

Powerbeats Battery Life

As previously stated, the battery life to the Powerbeats 2 is about 6 hours with a full 90 minutes charge. You can check the battery life by looking either at the Beats app or by checking the battery light. 

There are three settings for your battery light: red, white, and blinking red. 

  • Red- less than an hour left
  • White- up to six hours left
  • Blinking red- less than 15 minutes left 

When you are ready to plug in your Powerbeats, they should have come with a USB charger. The type of USB charger that is used is the lightning cable. It should come with the Powerbeats when you buy them, and you can find replacements at any local store or even on Amazon. 

You can check the battery level differently depending on whether you’re using an Android or iOS device.

Common Issues with the Battery

Sometimes you might come across the issue where your Powerbeats either aren’t charging well or are not turning on. You can try to do a few things, from cleaning the device, checking the power source, forcing a restart, and even updating the firmware. 

Cleaning and Checking your Power Source

Your Powerbeats shouldn’t be submerged in water, but sometimes things happen. Go ahead and make sure you have dried your headphones before turning them on again. Using a soft microfiber cloth should help get all the water out of your headphones. Then wait till they are completely dry before you try charging or turning the device back on again. 

You should also go ahead and check the power source. Sometimes it could be the USB cord that isn’t working correctly or even the power square you may be using. If you think this might be the case, try changing out the cords or plugging the cord into another source to see if it charges the secondary device. 

Forcing a Restart

All Beats products have a Forced Restart setting. When it comes to the Powerbeats 2, the steps are very simple:

  1. Plug your Beats into a power source
  2. Press and hold the power and the Volume Down button 
  3. Release both buttons when the light starts blinking red

If this doesn’t work, this could be because of an issue with the updating procedure. Beats has a Factory Default Reset that can help this:

  1. Start by doing what the Forced Restart asks by holding down the Power and Volume Down buttons until the light starts blinking red
  2. Then press and hold just the Power button for 4 seconds
  3. Finally, go to where your Bluetooth devices are on your phone and repair them with your Powerbeats. 

Updating your Powerbeats

The final issue with your Powerbeats not working could be your firmware. You can do this by updating your headphones. Beats has an updater that you can download onto your computer called the Beats Updater. 

You can download the Beats Updater app onto any computer. You want to launch the app and make sure your headphones are turned on. Once you have, just follow these steps:

  1. Connect your powered on Powerbeats to your computer
  2. Go to the Updater and click on the Menu and go to the Status icon
  3. Choose your Powerbeats where it will take you to the updater website
  4. Find the update for your Powerbeats and click on the update. 

If your Powerbeats battery is still not working, try replacing the battery. You can find the battery online on platforms like Amazon. Or you can contact Apple Support. 

Powerbeats 2 Battery

So when it comes to the battery, there are several things to know. The battery can last up to 6 hours after charging with the lightning cable. You can usually tell when it needs a charge based on what color light shows up on the Powerbeats. 

Finally, if you have some issues with your battery, it could be anything from the firmware to the USB cable itself. Try forcing a restart and go from there. If you still have issues, you might want to look up how to change the battery. So charge up, and get to jamming.

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