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How Long Do Samsung TVs Last

Last Updated Jan 8, 2022
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If you’re spending a decent amount of money on a TV, you’ll want assurances that it will last for a reasonable amount of time. The folks at Samsung have long made a name for themselves as one of the top companies that sell high-end TVs. We know their TVs work well, but how long do they last?

Strictly speaking, a Samsung TV should last you a minimum of 4 to 7 years. That minimum only counts if you leave your TV on 24/7 with the brightness on its highest setting. Realistically, therefore, a Samsung TV can last far longer. If taken care of, you can get well over a decade of use. 

If you want to get every glorious second out of your Samsung TV, but you’re not sure how to preserve it longer, you’ve come to the right place. In the sections below, we will break down how long a Samsung TV should realistically last, as well as steps you can take to make it last longer. If you got here because your TV already broke, we also have information on your warranty. 

How Long Should a Samsung TV Last

Assuming you don’t leave your TV on 24/7, it should last longer than the estimated 4 to 7 years. 

It’s easier to tell how long yours would realistically last by looking at its lifespan in terms of hours rather than years. With the average contemporary TV, you can get between 40,000 to 100,000 hours of use. With a Samsung, you can expect to land on the higher end of those numbers. 

That means you’ve got nearly 100,000 hours to burn before you have to start thinking of a replacement. Assuming you only use your TV a few hours a day, it could be multiple decades before that happens. 

How to Make a Samsung TV Last Longer

If you want to get the most out of your Samsung TV, there are some steps you can take to make it last longer. Most of these can be done without much thought. Just make sure that you remember to carry them out consistently, and your TVs lifespan will be much longer. 

Steps you can take to increase the lifespan of your Samsung TV are as follows: 

  • Turn your TV off when it’s not in use: A lot of people leave their TV on throughout the day, either for background noise or because they have a streaming service that plays a photo slideshow when it’s not streaming anything. Avoiding doing this is probably the best way to increase your TV’s lifespan.
  • Use a surge protector: Storms or power outages can cause spikes in the voltage your TV is receiving and can ruin it all in one night. If you want your TV to last through the years a surge protector is a must. In fact, it will also be great for protecting your DVD/Bluray player, video game consoles, and anything else you have hooked up to the TV. 
  • Regularly clean your TV: Dusting is an absolute must if you want your Samsung TV to last longer. Dust can build up on the vents of the TV and eventually make it inside. 
  • Use an external speaker for loud volume: It’s probably not a good idea to blast out sound as loud as the TV can get. If you need really loud sound, consider using a soundbar or a bluetooth speaker. 

Though these suggestions are simple, they are effective and will extend the lifespan of your TV. If you really want to get in the weeds though, you could also adjust your TV to a lower brightness and it will preserve the screen for longer. 

Do Samsung TVs Have a Warranty?

All of the time estimates we’ve given assume that there isn’t a particular problem within your TV that just takes time to reveal itself. If you’re in that kind of unlucky situation, you may be able to simply get your TV replaced or refurbished by Samsung with their warranty

All Samsung TVs come with a one-year limited warranty. In order to qualify for the warranty, the following conditions must be met:  

  • The TV must have been bought in the US. 
  • It needs to have been installed correctly and maintained according to their instructions. Meaning you can’t break it yourself and then claim the warranty. 
  • You must contact Samsung yourself and have your receipt ready. 

If you followed all the right instructions on installing your TV and it meets all the other requirements, you can reach out to Samsung at 1-800-726-7864. Even if your TV doesn’t end up qualifying, they can still offer some repair services at reasonable rates. 

So Really, How Long Do Samsung TVs Last?

When you think about how long your Samsung TV lasts, it’s easier to get an accurate estimate by considering things in terms of hours. That means your Samsung TV has up to 100,000 hours worth of use, assuming you properly maintain it. 

Those hours are only used up when the TV is actually in use. So the main takeaway here should be that you’ll get the most out of your Samsung TV, if you only turn it on when you’re really going to sit down and watch it. 

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