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How Long Do Ring Solar Pathlights Last?

Last Updated Aug 4, 2021
Family walking into home with Ring solar pathlights installed outside.

Ring Solar Pathlights are part of Ring’s line of home smart lighting products. They are designed to light your sidewalks and approach pathways wirelessly and are continuously powered by solar technology to help you save on energy costs.

Under moderate usage—and depending on the weather—a Ring Solar Pathlight’s battery is expected to last up to a year. According to Ring, high-efficiency LEDs are capable of lasting up to 20 years.

Ring Solar Pathlights contain a rechargeable, 3.7V Li-ion battery charged by an individual, 0.5W solar panel built into the housing. While the battery should provide a year of continuous use, the solar panels and LEDs are designed to last far longer. Read on to learn more about Ring Solar Pathlights and how long they’re capable of lasting under the right conditions.

How Long Do Ring Solar Pathlights Last?

According to Ring, Ring Solar Pathlights can last up to a year with one set of alkaline rechargeable batteries. Whether your pathlights last for more or less time depends on factors such as their settings, use, and the weather.

  • Settings and Use – Specific settings, such as the sensitivity of motion detection triggers and light schedules, can impact how often your Ring Solar Pathlights activate and light up.
  • Weather – You may find that your pathlights’ batteries drain faster in extremely cold or hot weather conditions.

Can Ring Solar Pathlights Stay On?

A Ring Solar Pathlight will stay on as long as you want it to, at least until the battery is drained and the sun is down. On its own, the battery will sustain the pathlight throughout a single night. Anything beyond twelve hours is not recommended by Ring.

In any case, Ring Solar Pathlights aren’t designed to stay on all of the time, 24 hours a day. Light Schedule is a feature in the Ring app that you can use to set the times during the day or night that you want your Ring Solar Pathlights to activate.

The Ring app is available from both the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. When it comes to Lighting Schedules, there are a ton of options in the Ring app:

  • Turn on lights at dusk and off at dawn
  • Offset scheduling for dusk and dawn
  • Custom time schedules
  • Floodlight, step light, and pathlight brightness options
  • Days of the week
  • Disable, copy, enable, and remove schedules
  • Duration limits

By carefully setting up times and schedules, you can ensure that you get the most out of your battery’s life cycle.

How Do You Make Ring Solar Pathlights Last Longer?

There are a couple of steps you can take to ensure your Ring Solar Pathlights last as long as possible:

Set Up Ring Solar Pathlight Scheduling

Pathlight scheduling is important, not just for your daily routines and preferences but also for getting the most out of your solar-powered charge and battery life. Also, Ring Solar Pathlights require the Ring Bridge to operate, bringing all of your Z-wave Ring products under the Ring app umbrella.

Be sure to set up all of your pathlights in a single group, name the group, and name the pathlights individually as well. To set up a Lighting Schedule:

  1. Open the Ring app and select Lights at the top of the screen.
  2. Choose your Pathlight Group followed by Lighting Schedules.
  3. From here, you can set a complete schedule for your entire Pathlight Group or pick and choose individual Pathlights for whatever routine you want them to run.

You can also adjust Motion Settings in the previous menu and tie those motion settings into Alexa Routines. For example: if your Pathlight senses motion, the entire Pathlight Group activates, and your Ring cameras also turn on. Or, you can set your Pathlights to send you notifications or turn on interior smart lights if motion is detected.

Clean the Ring Solar Pathlights

Part of the Ring Solar Pathlight’s battery longevity is the efficiency of its solar panel. Dirt, grime, leaves, and other debris that naturally accumulate on any outdoor device need to be routinely cleaned.

  • Make sure to clean the Ring Pathlights at least once a month using a damp cloth. Don’t use too much water as it doesn’t mix well with electronic devices.
  • If the debris or dust is caked in, add a little soap to the damp cloth to try and remove it from the solar panel.
  • If the panel is showing its age by yellowing and becoming obscured, a thin layer of lacquer spray, left on for half an hour, will clear it up. Be sure to mask any potential entryways to the components.


Ring Solar Pathlights are very long-lasting, durable devices. Solar power is a plus, especially if they’re set up in an area exposed to plenty of sunshine. The solar panels on each light and the LEDs are rated for years’ worth of use.

The battery life is dependent on solar charge and micro-USB but, you can always upgrade the battery to another rechargeable battery that is superior to alkaline. As far as long-term usage is considered, Ring Solar Pathlights will go the distance and more.