How Long Do Nest Cam Batteries Last?


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Google is setting the bar pretty high with their new Nest indoor/outdoor security camera when it comes to smart home security. Nest Cam is equipped with night vision, 1080p resolution, and 6X digital zoom. Such outstanding features are guaranteed to drain power from the batteries, which begs the question; how long do the batteries last?

Nest Cam batteries can last a maximum of seven months if they’re set to record four events per day. It can last three months if it records 12 videos daily and one and a half months if it records over 20 videos per day. However, you can still plug it into the power source using a cable.

That’s not all, as you still need to know how long the Nest Cam lasts, how long the batteries last in a camera, and whether Nest has a battery-powered outdoor security camera, which you will learn if you read on.

How Long Does New Nest Cam Battery Last?

Google had gone a while before releasing any new security camera, and when they finally did, they exceeded every expectation. From resolution to night vision, everything is designed to provide extra security to your home. The Nest Cams are also battery-operated, meaning they have to be good enough to power the cameras. However, many people have been concerned about how long the batteries can last on a new Nest Cam.

According to Google, the type of settings and the room temperature will determine the batteries’ lifespan. Even so, the number of videos you set the camera to record in a day will determine how long the batteries will last. Here are the standard settings and how they affect the batteries’ lifespan:

  • Seven months – The batteries can last for seven months if you set the camera to record a maximum of four videos in a day.
  • Three months – if you set the cameras to record a total of 12 videos in a day, you should expect the batteries to last three months on one charge.
  • One and a half months – Setting the camera to record more than 20 videos in a day can consume a ton of battery power, allowing the Nest Cam batteries to last one and a half months.

Video quality also determines the battery lifespan, with the high quality expected to eat more of your battery life. You can change these settings through the Nest Cam app.

How Long Does Nest Cam Last?

Nest Cams can last years as long as you take proper precautions and install them far from where they can get damaged. It’s also important to note that the cameras are not waterproof and require a bit of cover to keep them dry.

Like any device, proper care and regular maintenance is the secret to their longevity. Google Nest Cams have a solid plastic casing to protect the lens and other delicate inner parts. Although it can withstand some impact, it’s not okay to drop it or install it in a place where it can come in contact with other items such as doors.

How Long Do Batteries Last in Cameras?

Batteries in wireless cameras can last months on a single charge before you decide to recharge them. They can also become obsolete after three years, when they’ll need replacing. However, it all comes down to the type of security camera, how often you use them, and the type of settings you have in place.

There are some ways of prolonging the batteries’ lifespan on your wireless cameras, and they include:

  • Keep the number of video recordings low.
  • Reduce the video quality.
  • Keep the recordings shorter.

Besides that, you can refer to the manufacturer’s guide on how to keep the batteries functional for longer.

Does Nest Have a Battery-Powered Outdoor Camera?

The Nest battery-powered camera is multipurpose, meaning it’s equipped to work indoors and outdoors. Google is yet to release a dedicated outdoor camera, but the current one will serve you well. However, it’s best to take proper precautions when using the existing one outdoors since it’s not waterproof.

Besides having night vision capabilities, the cameras are also smart enough to differentiate between animals and people. You can also set it to record only when someone is within your property to save on battery power. Another interesting feature is connecting it to your WiFi and monitoring the footage through your smartphone.


Nest Cam is the latest wireless camera to hit the market and is battery-powered. The batteries are strong enough to last for months, depending on the number of video recordings the camera records. A Nest Cam has an impressive lifespan and can go for years with proper maintenance and care. Nest Cams can also be used indoors and outdoors, although you might need to shield them from weather elements.

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