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How Long Do Batteries Last In The Wyze Lock?

Last Updated Dec 20, 2021
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While most smart home devices are powered with rechargeable batteries, some still use the standard alkaline batteries that require regular replacement. It’s important to know just how often you’ll need to replace the batteries, especially when it comes to your smart locks! The Wyze Lock uses AA batteries, but how long do the Wyze Lock batteries last?  

While most smart locks have an average battery life between six months and one year, many users have reported that the Wyze Lock has inconsistent battery life. While this has been confirmed as a minor design flaw by the company, there are options for monitoring the battery status and increasing the overall time between battery changes. 

Now that we know the average expected battery life for the Wyze Lock, we need to get more information on what causes poor battery life, and how to troubleshoot this design flaw to improve the function of the Lock!

What Causes The Lock’s Poor Battery Life?

The Wyze Lock uses 4 AA alkaline batteries to power the device, and rechargeable batteries are not recommended by the manufacturer for use in the Lock. In this section, we will go into more detail about the design flaw and how to circumvent it, as well as some common factors that may affect the lifetime of the batteries themselves. 

Leaving The Door Closed But Unlocked

The Wyze lock has a confirmed design flaw that is triggered by leaving your door closed, but unlocked. When the Lock is open, it continuously pulls power from the batteries to stay active and ready to receive the Auto-Lock command from the app. 

This causes the device to drain the batteries far more quickly. Wyze is currently attempting to fix the firmware issue but recommends keeping your door locked when it is closed to avoid power loss. 

Other Factors that Cause Poor Battery Performance

In addition to the firmware issue, alkaline batteries may fail to function depending on certain factors and conditions. We’ve provided an overview of common issues below: 

  • Cold Weather: Alkaline batteries will perform poorly or fail to power a device when consistently exposed to temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Damage:  Batteries stored with metal objects such as coins, or using new batteries in a device with old batteries, may result in damage to the battery. In addition to affecting the performance, damaged batteries can also break your device or cause physical harm when removed!
  • Heat Exposure: Batteries exposed to high temperatures are also prone to damage and leaking, as well as poor performance.

Low Battery Alert and Power Level

If you think that your Lock is experiencing poor battery performance, Wyze provides options to help you keep track of your battery life. In this section, we’ll go into more detail about how to track the battery life of your Wyze Lock. 

How Will I Know If The Batteries Need To Be Replaced?

When the battery life of your Wyze Lock drops below 20%, the Wyze App will send you a Low Battery Alert on your smartphone. If the batteries in your device die, the device will send the Change Battery alert and the device will show as Offline in the Wyze App. You can check the battery level of your Lock on the Wyze App as well. Simply select Device Info on the Home screen and select your Lock to check the power level. 

The Wyze Lock also comes with a limited backup power supply that will allow you to control the Lock for a brief period of time. However, it is recommended that you replace the batteries when the Lock sends you the Low Battery Alert. 

 The Wyze Lock is designed to fit into the existing lock without causing damage to the device or interference. Since the Lock does not affect any of the working components of the original lock, the key to the original lock can still be used to manually lock and unlock the door. We highly recommend placing this key somewhere safe and accessible for emergencies, such as with a trusted friend or neighbor. 


Every smart home device has its quirks, but when the device is in control of keeping your home safe and secure, you must know how to navigate any issues that may come up. This is especially true when it comes to powering the device. 

In this article, we addressed the question of how long the batteries last in the Wyze Lock and discovered that there is a minor design flaw that may cause the Lock to lose power more quickly than it should. We got to the bottom of what causes the glitch and how to keep track of your battery performance and what to do to keep your device powered up and protecting your home!

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