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How Long Can You Screen Record On iPhones? Are There Time Limits?

Last Updated Jan 18, 2023
An unlocked iPhone ready to screen record

The screen recording option on an iPhone is convenient when streaming for a YouTube Channel, teaching a lesson, or notetaking. But is there a time limit?

There is no time limit for screen recording on an iPhone. There is, however, a space limitation. Your iPhone can screen record until it runs out of space or cloud storage.

Screen recording is a convenient tool for many people and professions. Keep reading to learn how to screen record on your iPhone and how to edit your recordings below.

How to Screen Record Your iPhone Screen

The iPhone provides ample storage for screen recording no matter its age

This guide will help you screen record on an iPhone if you have never done so before:

  1. Go to settings; it looks like a gear icon
  2. Select Control Center
  3. Press the green plus button next to Screen Recording
  4. Open Control Center again
  5. Select the grey circle button; this is the Record button
  6. Exit Control Center
  7. The screen will begin to record

The iPhone screen will only begin recording once you exit the Control Center. 

This is even true if you are mirroring your iPhone while performing a screen recording on a TV or computer.

How to Stop Screen Recording on Your iPhone Screen

If you are running low on storage or find your cache full, you may need to stop recording.

When you are done with the screen recording, you can do the following to stop the process:

  1. Open Control Center
  2. Select the red Recording button
  3. Alternatively, tap the bar at the top of the screen that is red and then select stop

Once you are done recording, you can go back into the Photos app and review the recording like a video. 

Be sure to ensure your iPhone is charged before editing.

Can you Edit Screen Recordings on iPhones?

Creating screen recordings can result in mistakes and long periods of silence. 

Most of these are undesirable. This leads many people to wonder, can you edit iPhone screen recordings?

The iPhone allows you to edit screen recordings just as it allows you to edit videos. This can all be done through the Photo App on the iPhone itself. It offers many great features, including trim and crop, voice-over text, animations and transitions, and music in the background.

If you are looking for specific functionality, we have compiled a list below to illustrate the different functions you can use to edit your screen recordings on an iPhone.

Can You Screen Record Full Movies on an iPhone?

Since there’s no time limit on how long you can screen record on an iPhone, can you screen record full movies on an iPhone?

You can screen-record full movies and episodes of series on your iPhone as long as you have enough space on your iPhone to hold the recording.

This is an awesome feature to help you kill time if you’re traveling without WiFi and want to keep your mind occupied.

How Much can you Screen Record?

Even though there’s no time limit for how long you can screen record on an iPhone, there is a space limit. 

The amount you can screen record on your iPhone heavily relies on how much space you have available on your phone, as well as the video quality.

iPhone users can adjust the screen recording quality to space saver to high resolution by going to “Settings,” then “Camera,” and finally “Record Video.”

Here’s a quick breakdown of how much memory a one-minute video will take up on an iPhone:

Screenshot of an iPhone recording settings

iPhones come in different sizes for storage space ranging from 64 gigabytes (GB) to 1 terabyte (TB).

Does Battery Life Impact Screen Recording Time?

Making sure you have enough battery on your iPhone is essential for all tasks, especially when doing a screen recording.

Your screen recording will be cut short if your iPhone battery dies. If this does happen, your screen recording will stop and be saved into your gallery.

Keep in mind that using the screen recording feature on your iPhone will cause your battery to drain faster.

While it’s not recommended, you can screen record and use your iPhone while charging to prevent the battery from dying.

Will Long Screen Recordings Make my iPhone Overheat?

Any device that overheats is at risk of slowing down and damaging the hardware, so do long screen recordings make an iPhone overheat?

Long screen recordings can make an iPhone overheat, just as using any application that uses up a lot of memory and backlight would.

To keep your iPhone from overheating during screen recordings, make sure you disable the 4K video recording feature by going into the camera settings and lowering the video quality.

We also have some other great prevention tips for an iPhone overheating.


iPhones are powerful tools that can help you make stunning recordings for work, business, or pleasure. Just tap record and create your recording in minutes.