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How Heavy Is a Smart TV?

Last Updated Apr 5, 2021
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Smart TVs come in many dimensions, shapes, designs, and weights. If you’re worried that hanging your new, 65” curved monstrosity will peel the sheetrock from your wall before crashing down on top of your entertainment center, don’t. Smart TVs aren’t normally that heavy.

Due to the massive number of smart TVs out there, it’s best to use averages:

Smart TV SizeAverage Weight
32”10 pounds
50”26-30 pounds
55”27-32 pounds
60”29-34 pounds
65”35-40 pounds
70”40-45 pounds

Those are all inside models, with outside smart TVs requiring the extra heft that comes with weatherproofing. (If it’s an outside TV, it will usually run twice the weight of its indoor counterparts.) Plasma TVs are much heavier, but thankfully, those were phased out in 2016. Below, we’ll cover the different weight classes of various smart TVs, so you know what to expect before you load up your new flat screen in the car.

How Heavy Are Smart TVs?

The weight of a smart TV will depend on a few factors, such as dimensions and added features. Below is a breakdown of common smart TV classes and their weights.

70+ Inch Class Smart TVs

Starting at the top—with the premium, giant OLED models—the 77” LG CX weighs a hefty 79.1 pounds. The Sony XBR Master Series Bravia, also 77”, weighs 72.6 pounds. The Samsung 75” Q60 Series is the heavyweight at 86.9 pounds. If it’s transporting the TV that you’re worried about, you should consider the dimensions as well:

 77” LG CX77” Sony XBR Master Series Bravia75” Samsung Q60 Series
Weight79.1 lbs.72.6 lbs.86.9 lbs.
Dimensions67.8 x 40.3 x 10.6 inches67.87 x 39.5 x 12 inches66.3 x 38 x 2.4 inches

Of course, these are gigantic TV sets so, getting them inside, around corners, mounted, or placed on top of an entertainment center will be a bit of a pain.

55+ Inch Class Smart TVs

The weight class for midsize TVs drops pretty significantly. The 55” LG CX is 50.7 pounds, almost a 30-pound difference from the 77” version. The Sony XBR Master Series Bravia drops from 72.6 pounds to 41.2 pounds. Samsung’s 75” Q60 series weighed an impressive 86.9 pounds and doesn’t offer a 55” variant. However, the Q60, 65” version drops to 49.8 pounds, a 37-pound difference.

 55” LG CX55” Sony XBR Master Series Bravia65” Samsung Q60 Series
Weight50.7 lbs.41.2 lbs.49.8 lbs.
Dimensions48.3 x 29.1 x 9.9 inches48.37 x 28.12 x 10.12 inches57.1 x 35.7 x 11.4 inches

40+ Inch Class Smart TVs

The smallest group of OLED models are much easier to hang on a wall mount. Their weight is minimal, and their size is manageable. The LG CX drops nine pounds at 48”. The Sony XBR series doesn’t offer a smart TV under 55”. The next similar Sony brand is the 49” X950H, which weighs 31.8 pounds, almost ten pounds lighter than the XBR. The Samsung Q60T maintains the QLED standard of its 65” cousin but weighs almost 30 pounds less.

 48” LG CX49” Sony X950H43” Samsung Q60T
Weight41.7 lbs.31.8 lbs.20.3 lbs.
Dimensions42.2 x 25.6 x 9.9 inches43.13 x 27 x 10.38 inches37.9 x 22 x 2.3 inches

Wall Mounts for Heavy Smart TVs

Wall mounts are perfect for a completely wireless setup, especially if you have a way to hide that lone power cord. However, with the weight varying among different smart TVs, you may have concerns as to which wall mounts will be suitable for handling the weight of the TV you own—especially if you own one of the heavier 70” TVs.

Fortunately, there are plenty of solid options for the 70” smart TVs—no plastic, ribbed, drywall anchors for these. They need to be bolted directly into the wall frame if you have a large TV.

  • ECHOGEAR Full Motion TV Wall Mount – This wall mount can handle anything between 42 and 90 inches. It has a 130-degree swivel, tilts down and up, and extends out 22”.
  • Pipishell Full Motion TV Wall Mount – For smaller TVs—26 to 55 inches—the Pipishell swivels left and right to 45 degrees, has an up and down swivel, and extends out to 14.8”.

Both of these can handle any of the above-listed smart TVs—not just the 70”.


This is obviously a small selection of the hundreds of smart TVs available. But, the average weight generally falls along the same lines according to the size and dimensions. With plasma TVs well on their way out, the only seriously heavy smart TVs are outside versions that require more weatherproof materials.

As technology advances, size doesn’t necessarily come with a lot of weight. The old cathode ray tubes that took a forklift and a broken back to move are long behind us!

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