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How Fast Is The Fire HD 10

Last Updated Jan 12, 2022

The newest version of the Fire HD 10 provides you with all the performance you need for reading, content consumption, web browsing, and smart home management. Amazon’s limitation sets it at bay from generally competing with industry-wide tablets such as the galaxy tab or apple’s iPad. Although if you don’t mind the limits, you will find the newest Model of Fire HD 10 very appealing. 

The Fire HD tablet in most cases is fast enough, although it may not be as fast as its expensive competitors when it comes to raw performance. It has a good processor, a potent ram, and a fairly wide storage space. Compared with the previous generations, the Fire HD tablet is twice faster in performance.

The new version also has a dedicated game mode that automatically optimizes your device to be able to play mobile games as well as control your smart home devices too. In this article, we are going to talk about how fast the Fire HD is, the steps you can take to speed it up, and what’s under the hood of this device.

Is the Fire HD 10 fast?

When purchasing a tablet for our personal use, one of the factors we have in mind is how seamless it can be during operation because most of us don’t have the patience to slow devices. This depends entirely on what is under the hood of the tablet. 

The Amazon Fire HD 10 is powered by a Mediatek Helio P60T, and this delivers twice faster performance compared to the one in the Fire HD 8. The device had an overall score of 5376 which is far better when compared to the overall score of 4290 for the Fire HD 8 on PCMark Work 3.0 benchmark. 

The Fire HD 7 couldn’t even complete any of the benchmark tests because it was very slow, boasting only 1GB of RAM which is not enough for an average tablet in 2022. But when it comes to the Fire HD 10, this device comes with about 3GB of RAM which is three times more than the previous version. 

This capacity makes the tablet much fluid when operating it especially when you want to control your smart home devices. This is the first Amazon tablet you may never experience a lag or a minor one because of the performance.

How Do I Speed Up My Fire HD 10?

Your Fire HD 10 tab may be slower than most high-end devices like the iPad because it was made to be affordable, hence the use of cheaper parts. Although this does not mean that you can’t do one or two tricks we are going to show you to help boost the speed, and make it faster in operation. 

If you would like to learn more about Fire HD 10, check out this article. If you want to speed up your Fire HD 10, you would want to look into the following tricks and tips.

Uninstall The Apps You Don’t Use Anymore

Although it’s obvious, this tip simply means that you should get rid of all the apps you don’t use or need. You may not be able to wipe the pre-installed apps Amazon has embedded into the table, but you can still delete other apps such as games that you are not playing anymore. 

Clear Your Cache Files

One of the most effective ways of speeding up your tablet is by clearing your Cache Partition. This simply means the space your android device stores data for a temporary period. To do this, start by: 

  1. Shut down your Fire HD tablet by using the power button.
  2. Once it’s been switched off, hold down the power button as well as the volume up button.
  3. Once the boot logo comes on, remove your finger from the volume button but keep the other finger on the power button until it enters “recovery mode”. 
  4. Once in recovery mode, scroll down using the volume down button until you get to “wipe cache partition”, and press the power button to accept.
  5. Once you are back to the recovery mode, scroll down, and select “power down”. Then switch on your tablet the normal way.

Ensure that you don’t wipe your phone by selecting the factory reset option. You would be asked to confirm any action before it takes place.

Switch Off Telemetry Reporting

Normally, most tablets send data about their devices to the parent company, in this case, it is your Fire HD tablet sending back data to Amazon. 

Although turning this feature off won’t extravagantly increase your tablet speed, it can make a notable difference.  Do this by:

  • Market Analytics – Go to settings > Security & Privacy > Marketing.
  • App Data Usage – Go to settings > Security & Privacy > Collection App Usage Data.

This limits the amount of personal data Amazon can collect from you.

Install File Cleaner by Google

If you have been using your tablet for a while now, you may have gathered enough junk files in the background. These may be from app or game files you may have even uninstalled years ago. This app can be used to locate every junk file and delete them. 

You have to get this app from Google’s Play Store, but your tablet may be limited to the Amazon store. To find out how you can get the Play Store on your Fire HD, click here. 


There you have it, how fast your Fire tablet may be plus ways you can ensure you get the best performance experience when using your Amazon Fire HD tablet. You can use this product as a smart home hub, to play light games, and to stream or read contents online. The Fire HD is strong for that, but if you want a much faster tablet with peak performance, you can go for the higher-end products. 

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