How Far Can the Ring Spotlight Be from the Router?

A router sitting on a table inside of a living room.A router sitting on a table inside of a living room.

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Today’s smart home often has multiple devices connected to a central hub or router. When you have external devices connected to your security system, it is important to ensure a strong enough connection to receive videos and notifications. The Ring Spotlight has many features that rely on a quality connection to your router to keep you notified. With that said, you may be wondering just how far you can keep the Ring Spotlight from the router while still maintaining a good connection.

The suggested distance between the Ring Spotlight and the router is a maximum of 250 feet. Since this does not consider walls and other obstacles, a Wi-Fi extender is a good addition to your system if you want to improve connectivity and reliability.

Having several devices connected to a router, along with obstacles such as walls, doors, and outside structures, can seriously hamper the Ring Spotlight’s ability to maintain a solid, reliable connection. Keep reading to find out how to rectify this situation and maintain constant, strong communication between these two devices.

Can You Extend the Ring Spotlight’s Distance from the Router?

Depending on the size of your home or property, you may find that the standard, expected connection distance of 250 feet isn’t enough to ensure a proper signal between your Ring Spotlight and your router.

There are several products available that can ensure you extend the reach of your router’s Wi-Fi so your Ring Spotlight can achieve a solid connection:

  • The Ring Chime Pro is a device that has excellent range-extending abilities. It will extend your Wi-Fi ability to an additional 2,000 feet, giving you extraordinary flexibility for placing your Ring Spotlight. It is important to note that the Ring Chime Pro will only work with Ring devices, so keep this in mind if you have other branded security devices on your property.
  • The Eero Starter Kit is a comprehensive Wi-Fi extension solution that works with any devices in your home that require Wi-Fi connectivity. An Eero Pro, along with Eero beacons placed throughout your home, will provide a connection extension of 3,500 feet for all your devices, regardless of brand. For a larger home with a wide variety of branded smart home devices, the Eero can be a holistic solution.
  • The Ring Range Extender is a specific product that only works with a select number of Ring products. Utilizing Z Wave connectivity rather than Wi-Fi, this device will not work with the Ring Spotlight. If you already have this product for other Ring products for your alarm, adding in either the Ring Chime Pro or the Eero Starter Kit will not have any compatibility issues.

How to Connect the Ring Spotlight to the Router

To determine if the distance between the Ring Spotlight and the router is adequate to maintain good connectivity, installing your device will begin the process. The steps below outline what you need to do.

  1. If you do not have the Ring app installed on your phone, download it for Android or iOS.
  2. You will need to either create or log into a Ring account at this time.
  3. Next, choose Set Up a Device and Security Cams.
  4. You will need to scan either the QR code or the MAC ID barcode located on your Ring Spotlight or on the box that your device came in.
  5. If this is your first device setup in the app, you will need to create an address to verify the location of your device.
  6. Then, name your device by choosing a default name or creating a custom name to help distinguish it from other devices on your system.
  7. Plugin your device close to the router for setup and choose Join for an iOS Device, or with Android, your device should connect automatically.
  8. Select the appropriate network, add your password, and then tap Continue.

Now that your device is connected to the network, you will place the Ring Spotlight in its final location. By doing so, you will need to view a live feed of your camera through the app.

If you have a solid connection, there will not be any issues with the feed. However, if you notice a poor connection, it may be time to consider either the Ring Chime Pro or the Eero system to boost your connection.

Troubleshooting Connection Issues Between Ring Spotlight and the Router

After installation, if you still have connection issues with your Ring Spotlight despite adding extenders, it might be time to ask for help. Ring has extensive help available online. Visit their support site to begin looking for assistance with your connection.


The Ring Spotlight is a great way to monitor the activity around your home and property. With a strong connection, you will experience excellent video coverage that will give you peace of mind.

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