How Far Can Eufy Cameras Detect Motion?

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The range of Eufy cameras includes outdoors and indoors options, both wired and battery-powered. When creating a home security system, it is best to know the range the cameras have in detecting motion.

Eufy cameras can detect motion up to 25-30ft away, or 8-10m. To achieve this range, the cameras have to be installed strategically. This range will differ case by case depending on the specific location criteria.

If you are interested in Eufy cameras, read on to find out more about their motion detection range and how to get the best out of it.

How Far Can Eufy Cameras Detect Motion?

Eufy cameras come in various shapes and sizes, including the 4-cam EufyCam 2 Pro kit. They can adapt to your specific home security needs and will keep you protected through their features. One of the most important features is the motion detection range.

Eufy cameras are designed to reach a range of up to 30ft or 10m. Motion detection will usually be in the 25ft or 8m range in practice. To achieve the upper motion detection range, the placement of the cameras will have to be planned.

In-home security systems like those provided by Eufy, motion detection provides an early warning system that automatically sends alerts to your phone. The cameras are an essential part of receiving lateral motion information.

Do Eufy Cameras Have Motion Detection?

Eufy cameras are designed with motion detection. It is established through the PIR sensor that is equipped on all Eufy cameras. The PIR sensor has seven levels of motion sensitivity detection and can be customized based on your needs and the space of the activity zone.

When you look at your Eufy Security App, it will show four motion detection categories in this setting. These different categories will allow you to create a personalized motion detection experience for your home security.

Through the PIR sensor, the Eufy cameras will provide as complete a surveillance as possible. When motion is detected through them, you will know where and what to look for to establish if there is a general risk to your safety.

The motion detection system will allow you to enjoy some peace of mind as the security system does its job for you.

How Do You Set Motion Detection on Eufy Cameras?

To ensure a correct installation of Eufy cameras that will give you the best range, remember to keep these three factors in mind:

  • Mounting angle
  • Mounting height
  • Detection sensitivity

These three factors will provide you with a smooth and efficient home security process if you are aware of how they can help you in the installation process. The mounting height should never be placed higher than 3m, and the mounting angle should be kept at a steady 25 degrees. The Eufy cams should also be placed as much on the side as possible.

The detection sensitivity is what the PIR sensor has seven levels for. It goes from 1 to 100. Eufy cameras have a default detection sensitivity set at level 4 (71-80). This may be either too sensitive for you or not sensitive enough.

The correct level for your circumstances can be easily determined through the motion test available in the Eufy app. You can also adjust the level to see which one fits you best. Other customizable settings include the activity zone you want the cameras to cover.

You can set the detection type as well, from ‘human only’ to ‘all motions.’ ‘Human only’ can save battery life but will only work during the day. ‘All motions’ will keep a record of all movements and switch on automatically at night.

Why Is Eufy Not Detecting Motion?

If you are experiencing issues with Eufy cameras not detecting motion correctly, you will not be notified when movement occurs on your property. Here are some steps you can use to troubleshoot if this happens:

  • Check that the camera covers the area you are interested in keeping protected. The angle may have accidentally shifted.
  • Check that the camera is connected and that it has enough battery. Premature shutting off may occur if it doesn’t, and no input will be received.
  • Make sure that the motion detection setting is enabled on your camera.
  • If it is enabled, test it through the app. You will find it under Camera Settings -> Motion Detection.
  • If the problem persists, consider turning the detection sensitivity higher.

Once those steps are covered, you can try to set a new activity zone and see if the problem remains. If the issue is connected only to not receive notifications when motion is detected, go to the security settings on your app and check if push notifications are enabled.


Eufy cameras can detect motion up to 30ft or 10m but usually remain in the range of 25ft and 8m. This is determined through the PIR sensor equipped on the cameras. The detection sensitivity will be instrumental in the range you get, as will the height and angle of the installation.

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