How Far Away Can Google Points Be?

Hand holding smartphone with orange wifi symbol above itHand holding smartphone with orange wifi symbol above it

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Google Wifi is a new way to connect your home and provide you with an uninterrupted internet connection. The mesh Wi-Fi system, replacing traditional routers in the house with Google Wifi Points that will seamlessly cover every room for good coverage without any dead zones or slowdowns that include everything you need without professional installation, as well as automatic updates. But how far do these Google Points go? Let’s find out!

Google points are determined by square footage. One Google Wifi Point has an expected range of 1,500 square feet. However, this is an estimate and the expected square footage covered may vary depending on multiple factors. 

People often ask the question, “What can I do to improve my signal strength?” Luckily, we’ve got you covered with a few things you can do to boost the signal strength for your Google Wifi points, as well as detailed instructions for setting your Google Points up in your home! 

What Do I Need To Know About Signal Strength And Google Points? 

We’ve provided a list of requirements for your Google Wifi during installation and setup of your Google points that apply to signal strength below: 

  • Thick walls and ceilings can lower your Wifi signal strength. The type of building materials used such as brick, concrete, or metal has been known to reduce signal strength. Make sure you take these factors into consideration when selecting where to place your Google Points. 
  • Put wireless points no more than two rooms away from each other, and try to put them in elevated positions.
  • You need a Nest Wifi system and it can cover up to 2200 square feet.
  • Nest and Google Wifi are designed to only support 5 routers per network, and can’t be used across multiple dwellings.
  • To avoid obstructions, arrange points to be able to see one another.
  • Devices should be placed off of the ground to improve coverage.
  • The points in a mesh network depend on each other to provide coverage. When setting up your mesh network, consider the whole as well as individual devices. 

How To Connect Google Points 

To connect your Google Wifi Points for optimal signal strength, follow the steps we have outlined for you below: 

Choose Your Locations For Each Google Wifi Point

  1. If possible, place your Wifi router off the ground and within plain views, such as on a table or shelf that is around eye level. 
  2. Place your first point at half the distance from where you would like a stronger Wifi connection, but no further than two rooms from the router. If you are setting up a Nest Wifi point, this will also be the point where you send and receive communications from your Google Assistant. 
  3. Place the Point in an open area with no objects that will block your signal. 
  4. Plug the power adapter into a wall outlet, then plug in your point. If this is a Nest Point, the indicator light will flash to indicate that the Nest Point is powering on. 
  5. Continue with the above steps to place each Google Wifi Point until all Points have been placed. 

Perform A Mesh Test 

To perform a mesh test to make sure of your placements, follow these steps: 

  1. Open the Google Home App
  2. Select Wifi
  3. Select Wifi Devices
  4. Select Points
  5. Select Test Mesh
  6. Once the Mesh Test is completed, you will get one of three results: 
  • Great: More Than 100Mbps
  • Okay: Between 50 and 100Mbps
  • Weak: Less Than 50Mbps

Putting It All Together

To connect all of your Google Points, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google Home App
  2. Select a location for the Primary Wifi Point
  3. Connect your modem to the Google Wifi WAN port using an ethernet cable. 
  4. Plug the Primary Wifi Point into the wall outlet. 
  5. Wait 90 seconds for the light on the Primary Wifi point to flash blue. This indicates it is ready to set up in the Google Home App. 
  6. Select Add+, then Set Up Device, then Add New Device
  7. The App will now find your device. 
  8. Repeat the above steps for multiple devices. 


 You can’t go wrong with the Google WiFi system. It’s reliable, easy to set up, and provides consistent connections in every room of your home. This is a relatively new innovation that can revolutionize the connectivity in your home and boost your signal strength but does require a bit of extra consideration to maintain optimal signal strength throughout your home. 

 In this article, we’ve answered our initial question of how far Google Points can be from each other, as well as provide you with some signal boosting tips and detailed instructions for setting up Google Wifi Points with great connectivity in mind. Now you can set up your Google Wifi Points with confidence!

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