How Does the Infant Optics Alarm Work?

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Protecting your bundle of joy is at the top of your priority list. While baby monitors have been around for years, smart monitors are unlike anything our parents used. Having your baby monitor not only show your child but monitor their room conditions is a game-changer when it comes to safety. 

The Infant Optics alarm is designed to keep your child safe while giving you peace of mind.  The Infant Optics baby monitor and alarm system are sleek and easy to use for even first-time parents. You get a convenient monitor that can be used at any angle to monitor your child. 

It can be difficult to juggle every aspect of parenthood, and safe sleep should not be a stressor. Having a quality alarm in place can help you keep a watchful eye on your child from anywhere in your home. If you are pregnant, a new parent, or considering adding a child to your home, you should learn more about Infant Optics products. 

Why Choose Infant Optics?

There are countless baby monitors on the market today. Some of these are higher tech than others but few offer the benefits that come with Infant Optics. When comparing baby monitors, it is important to keep your needs in mind and ensure that you are getting exactly what fits your family. 

Just some of the many benefits that come with Infant Optics monitors are:

  • They offer high-quality video footage with night-mode options.
  • They display the temperature in the room.
  • You can completely customize the angle of the camera to get a full view.
  • Two-way audio is available. 
  • The wireless transmission used is completely private. 

Infant Optics is designed to be user-friendly. The company offers both a physical and online user manual that you can access to learn more. If you find that these benefits fit your personal needs, using this baby monitor is a breeze.

Setting Up Your Infant Optics Alarm Monitor

The Infant Optics system is one of the easiest baby monitors to set up in your home. It does not use Wi-Fi, making it easy to connect and you can use it straight out of the box. You simply plug in the camera and position it where you need it. 

When it comes to your child’s room, you should place your camera in an area that provides a clear view of the crib, bed, or whatever area you plan to monitor. While these monitors are most commonly used near sleeping areas, they are also great for playrooms. The camera can even be wall-mounted for a better view.

The camera is smaller in size and designed to fit a variety of aesthetics. You simply set the camera where you need it, plug the camera into a power outlet, and pair it with the provided receiver unit. Once you pair these two devices, you are ready to go and can begin viewing your camera footage.

Using Your Infant Optics Baby Monitor

Of course, the most important part of any baby monitor is knowing how to use the device and ensuring you are doing so correctly. Luckily, the Infant Optics monitor is extremely simple to use and does not require you to be overly tech-savvy. In fact, the device itself mirrors more of a classic-style monitor with a few more modern features.

In order to begin using your Infant Optics monitor, you will want to follow a few key steps:

  1. As mentioned, ensure your camera is plugged in and set up in an area where you can clearly see your child. You will pair the device to the receiver as detailed in the user manual. 
  2. If the room you are monitoring is larger, you may want to unscrew the basic lens that is included and add the included 2x optical zoom lens. This is an easy way to reach a further area but can affect image quality if you must zoom extensively.
  3. Your camera will begin to display a crisp image of the room on the receiver once connected. Well-lit rooms provide the highest quality image. However, there are included infrared lights that allow for quality night vision as well. 
  4. You can leave the video running full time, or you can have the screen off and volume down when not needed. There is an LED bar that will activate when any noise is heard in the room, specifically crying sounds. 
  5. If your child sleeps with white noise, there is an ANR or active noise reduction feature that helps with this. The monitor will alert to crying sounds but will not be affected by white noise or fan sounds. 

Once you have your settings in place and everything is connected, you are ready to use your Infant Optics monitor. The only upkeep needed is to regularly charge the receiver. The battery life is impressive but routine charging is still needed. 

Are Infant Optics Monitors Safe?

One of the biggest reasons that parents love Infant Optics alarms is because of their safety. Unlike other smart monitors, the Infant Optics device is not connected to a Wi-Fi router. The connection is completely safe from outside hackers. 

There are countless horror stories of baby monitors being hacked by malicious individuals. However, the connection between monitor and receiver for Infant Optics products is completely private. There is no way for an outside individual to hack your device!

Keep Your Child Safe and Get Peace of Mind

Keeping your child safe is your top priority and the Infant Optics baby monitors make this simple. You can easily monitor your child both during the day and night from anywhere in your home. Keep your child safe with ease by purchasing your Infant Optics alarm today

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