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How Does Rachio 3 Work?

Last Updated Sep 25, 2022
rachio 3 sprinkler controller

These days, almost every device for the home can now be a smart device, which means it connects to the internet and does a whole lot of the work for you. If you’re considering getting the Rachio 3 for your home, you’re probably wondering how this handy little appliance actually works! 

The Rachio 3 is a smart sprinkler controller that delivers the water your plants need with smart watering schedules and an easy-to-use mobile app that integrates with Amazon Alexa and other smart home devices. It can save you time, energy, and even money by not overwatering your lawn. 

In this article, we are going to find out exactly how the Rachio 3 works, including whether you need a subscription, if you can use it without an app, and if the device is even worth purchasing. So keep reading; you are going to be a Rachio 3 expert in no time! 

What Is Rachio 3?

First things first, it’s important to understand what the Rachio 3 actually is and how it works. 

This device is a smart sprinkler controller, which schedules your sprinkler system based on the needs of your yard, including plant type, soil, sun exposure, and a variety of other factors. 

The Rachio 3 simply connects to your pre-installed sprinkler system and is:

  • Controllable via the Rachio app on your smartphone 
  • Controllable through an Alexa or other smart home hubs

Rachio 3 users have claimed that the device can help save money on your water bill, as well as ensure your plants are well taken care of without you having to lift a finger! 

Now that you know what the Rachio 3 device does, it’s time to dig a little deeper into how it works. 

How Does Rachio 3 Work?

The most important features to understand of the Rachio 3 are the soil and rain sensors, as this is how the device knows how much to water your lawn and plants. 

You can set the Rachio 3 to your specific zone to have it follow the weather patterns and understand the soil texture in your area. 

Or, you can opt to purchase additional devices known as soil and rain sensors which work side by side with the Rachio 3. 

Both are great options, and Rachio claims that you do not need to purchase the sensors in order for the device to function properly. 

If you do decide to purchase a sensor, attaching it to your Rachio 3 controller couldn’t be easier: Rachio has all the instructions you need to do it yourself.  

When you set up the Rachio 3 and enter your one information, it will do the work and scheduling for you! But if you want to change anything, you will need to access the Rachio app. 

Does Rachio 3 Work Without the App?

You do need the Rachio app in order to schedule and control the Rachio 3 device. But luckily, the Rachio app is free to download and incredibly user-friendly. 

From here, you can control your sprinkler system from absolutely anywhere, whether you are simply in bed or on vacation! 

You can also connect the Rachio 3 app to your Alexa or smart home hub so you can use voice commands from anywhere in your home to adjust the sprinklers as needed. 

Most consumers have reported that the Rachio app is extremely convenient and easy to use, so although you do need it, you will actually like using it! 

Do You Need a Subscription with Rachio 3?

Another facet of the Rachio 3 smart sprinkler controller that people want to understand is how much it costs and whether or not you need a subscription to use it. 

And there is great news: there are no monthly or annual subscriptions for the Rachio 3! Once you have purchased the controller and downloaded the free app, you are good to go. 

Included in this one-time payment of the device, you also receive a two-year limited warranty from Rachio to ensure the sprinkler controller does exactly what you need it to when you want it to and a customer service line for any problems that may arise. 

The Bottom Line

The Rachio 3 works as a smart sprinkler control system to schedule and water your yard without you having to do anything at all! 

Once you have installed the Rachio 3 with your sprinkler system, you can use the Rachio app to set your zone, soil type, and weather patterns and change the preset scheduling as needed. 

Users love the Rachio 3 for the time, money, and energy it can save them, all while keeping their yards and plants looking beautiful and healthy.

And hopefully, as promised, you are now a Rachio 3 expert and completely understand how this little device works and whether or not it’s a good option for you and your home. 

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