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How Does Live Scheduling Work on the Peloton?

Last Updated Feb 13, 2022
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You are new to Peloton and don’t understand what live-streamed and on-demand classes mean. Like many other new users, you want to know how to use it because of its unique interface. To maximize your riding experience, let us explain everything about it and many other related queries right now. 

Live Scheduling works by choosing any class and confirming the schedule on the pop-up. Users can add any class type, including Live, on-demand, and Encore classes. People can pick the desired date and time after clicking the class Schedule icon. Upon confirmation, one can invite friends and family members to join the class.

Undoubtedly, Live Scheduling is an excellent feature in Peloton, but before scheduling a class on Peloton, you need to know multiple things about it. This post will describe every aspect of it. Happy reading! 

What Is The Peloton Live Class Schedule?

Peloton Live Class Schedule is the plan of workouts selected by the users according to their availability. On the Peloton, folks can plan their desired training through live, on-demand, and encore classes. In addition, they can make them available at the scheduled time. One can invite friends and family members to the class.

How the Peloton Live Class Schedule Works

Here are the basic steps of scheduling a class on the Peloton and inviting friends:

  • Choose a Class: On the tablet of Peloton Device, choose a live, on-demand, or encore class you want to join.
  • Schedule it: Click the Schedule icon under the class name. Pick the date and time for classes you’d like to schedule.
  • Add to Schedule: After picking the desired time and date, click the Add to Schedule icon, as a confirmation pop-up will appear on the screen.
  • Invite friends: You can text and invite friends to take the class with you according to your desired routine. 

You can find your scheduled classes across all disciplines in one place on the app. If you would like to learn more about Peloton, click here.

After preparing the ride on Peloton, do you need to know where and how you can find live classes on Peloton? 

How To Find Live Classes On The Peloton App?

To find live classes on the Peloton app:

  1. Open the Peloton app 
  2. Look for the Schedule icon on the top of the screen and tap it
  3. At the top, choose the desired kind of class 

After considering your routine for the upcoming two weeks, you can enter your scheduled class at the exact time you want to ride. This post will further explore how to get on a ride on a peloton.

How Do You Get On A Scheduled Peloton Ride?

To get on a scheduled Peloton Ride, click the pop-up that appears on the scheduled class time. On the scheduled class time, one can see a pop-up notification on the screen of Bike or Tread. Another method is heading over to Peloton equipment and choosing a Join Session. 

You can get to the live classes and enjoy the rides at the scheduled time with friends. Sometimes you will think about whether live classes are real or not? Here you can find the answer.

Are Peloton Live Classes In Real Life?

Generally, all of the classes are live on the Peloton. Though the demand for some class types is different than others; i.e., some class types are more in need and popularity than others. Various conditions determine their frequency throughout the week. The cycling class has the most significant demand and streamed a maximum of times per week.

Peloton also provides strength classes, yoga classes, etc. While planning to do the workout on Peloton, you must know whether you can take live classes anytime?

Can You Do Peloton Live Classes Anytime?

You cannot do Peloton live classes anytime because of the independent class schedule each day. There are specific times stamped out for different fitness programs, and folks have to select a class from the time slots. 

This feature is good because the user didn’t get bored by taking the same exercise repeatedly with the same instructor. You might love buying and using the Pivot for Peloton Bike Screens

While taking the live class, you want a break and pause the course for an interval. Is it possible to do so? Keep reading to know the answer.

Is There A Way To Pause A Peloton Live Class?

As a whole, one cannot pause Peloton’s live class in any situation. Users can only wait, reverse or forward the on-demand rides. Taking a Live class means real-time joining the recording class from the studio.


The Live Schedule is indeed an outstanding feature in Peloton, in which you can schedule your desired classes according to your availability. After reading this post, you know how to get maximum benefits in a few steps, including choosing a ride, scheduling it, and confirming the addition. You can also invite friends and family to your scheduled classes to enjoy their company on the ride.

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