For the pet aficionados out there, home security shouldn’t be a stressful decision-making process. ADT’s technology has adopted many features to create a reliable system that is more than pet-friendly.

ADT works with pets through motion sensors—adjusted according to preference—or infrared technology that differentiates between humans and animals on four legs. Depending on the animal’s size, multiple sensor choices prevent false alarm triggers for pets up to 85 pounds.

So how does this technology work, and what kind of devices or sensors are required? ADT offers a myriad of options from which to choose, and customization plays an important role.

Best Sensor Placement for Households with Pets

There are plenty of home monitoring systems on the market, each with its own brand of preferences and adjustments. ADT is no exception. Recognizing that pets are present in roughly 85 million homes across America, ADT sensors are designed to accommodate motion adjustments according to your pet’s size and weight.

Of course, no adjustment will work if your monitor is located in the wrong spot. If your dog can walk directly in front of the sensor, it may trigger the alarm. It’s essential to place sensors in corners if possible, with a height advantage covering the entire room.

At this range, anything under 40 pounds is not likely to trigger an alert. During the ADT installation process, a technician can make the fine-tune adjustments for your pet, or you can always make the changes yourself after installation. ADT motion sensors typically utilize one of three types of motion detection:

  • Microwave: Think bats—without the echolocation—with microwave emitters that bounce off of moving objects, telling the motion sensor the object’s rough size and weight.
  • Infrared: Unlike the cameras, which use LEDs to see in the dark, ADT motion sensors detect heat variations in the room and report them as movement.
  • Combination: Both microwave emitters and infrared are combined to capture movement within the room.

During installation, all of these types will be adjusted so that you can enjoy a sense of security without your pets triggering alerts.

ADT Infrared Motion Cameras and Pets

Part of ADT’s installation package includes infrared cameras that are also motion-sensitive. Like the motion sensors, a professional tech will place the cameras in areas that provide optimal viewing with as wide a range as possible.

Configurations are the same as the motion sensors, so not only will you avoid annoying accidental alerts, but you’ll also be able to check in on your furry friend. Both inside and outside cameras can be adjusted, so your pet has the freedom of the outdoors as well.

There are several packages to choose from with a multitude of devices:

  • Indoor security camera equipped with HD video and infrared
  • Outdoor security camera with HD video and infrared
  • DIY cameras—from Blue by ADT—includes an indoor, outdoor, and doorbell camera with infrared. 

The DIY cameras are delivered directly to you and have the same adjustments to eliminate accidental pet alerts.

Can ADT Completely Eliminate Pet-Activated Alerts?

ADT has several settings and sensors specifically designed to detect pets and eliminate false alarms. However, this is true for most pets that weigh between 80 and 85 pounds or less. If you have a Great Dane, Mastiff, Saint Bernard, or other similar dogs in that weight class, there may be issues that you’ll have to discuss with an ADT professional.

Some dogs that are considered medium size can still top out at 90 pounds. German Shepherds and Greyhounds are considered medium-sized but could still cause issues as their maximum healthy weight hovers around 90 pounds.

Pet birds that are allowed to fly free could also be an issue. Even if both sensors and cameras are set up in optimal positions, a bird flying directly in front of one can trigger an alarm.

Additional ADT Features for Pet Monitoring

Like many smart camera and home security systems, ADT can be directly connected to your smart-home hub, including Alexa. You can control your home security system with your voice or use your smart-phone, tablets, or computers to check in on your pets while you’re away.

ADT is an Excellent Choice for Pet Owners

ADT has been at the forefront of home security systems since 1874. Over that time—as technology has advanced—ADT has invested a ton of research and innovations into their products.

With pets in approximately 85 million homes across the country, ADT has found several solutions that are integrated into their devices. While those who own very large animals should do some homework, most pet-owners can rely on ADT to provide professional products and services that accommodate their pets.

With motion sensors and cameras that use infrared, microwave, and combination technology, ADT hardware can locate and differentiate between human intrudes and pets. With smart-home features, you can also make adequate adjustments to create a safe and secure home, free of false, pet-activated alarms.

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