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How Do You Turn Off or Silence A Ring Siren

Last Updated Jun 28, 2022
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The Ring Doorbell – with a history as colorful as long, is still the most popular doorbell on many homes and in many neighborhoods. The Ring Doorbell is used not only by humans but also by animals and birds. The bell allows people and animals to let you know that they are near your home, and you should be aware of their presence and activity. The Ring Doorbell continues to be a symbol of security and safety for many families.

It is well known and publicized that the Ring Doorbell is an effective method for home security and is also very helpful in crime prevention within neighborhoods.

Turning Off the Siren

Volume and duration are both adjustable. These settings will not affect any other sirens you may have, including the Ring Alarm Base Station, Keypad, or Dome Siren.

When you’re trying to turn off the siren on your Ring, you will need to open the Ring app on your phone and press “disarm.” From there, the siren should stop sounding. In the event of a break-in, an intruder will not be able to disarm the siren.

The Ring Siren

With the Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren, anyone passing by can be alerted and deterred from breaking in. When it’s triggered, the Outdoor Siren will sound a loud 100dB+ siren and flash a red strobe LED light to alert anyone nearby.

This unit can be quickly and easily mounted on your home’s exterior wall with multiple batteries and hardwired power options. Ring Outdoor Siren can be made to sound from dusk until dawn, telling everyone that your home is protected.

Outdoor Siren Features:

● Requires a Ring Alarm Device

● Ring Quick Release Batteries and Ring Solar Panels can be purchased separately to power the device (both sold separately).

● The siren can be adjusted to meet local laws by adjusting the volume and duration.

● You can turn the siren off, so the strobe light flashes only during alarm events.

Additional Outdoor Siren Specifications

● Includes three size D Batteries

● Potential to add Solar Panels and Quick Release Battery Pack

● It may be hardwired using (wiring specs)

● It may be hardwired using Ring Plugin Adapter (2nd gen)

● Ring Alarm is triggered, and then the siren turns on, turning off after a time that is preset or when the alarm is disarmed

● The Dusk to Dawn feature turns on the Ring logo light around sunset, turning off around sunrise.

About The Ring Doorbell

A Ring Doorbell is easy to install utilizing either the battery-operated or hard wired option.  The easy installation and operation features make it perfect for any home security or safety concern you might have. The Ring Doorbell sets up in minutes with an easy installation process that uses only your existing wiring. This high-tech, low-cost device can provide help in many areas of your home security.

Ring Protect

Ring Protect is an authorized carrier and supporter of Ring Video Doorbell products, and they offer home security services through two subscription options.

There are two plans offered by Ring Protect that are worth considering. The perfect plan for you is based on how many Ring devices you are utilizing and the level of security you seek.  Both monthly subscriptions are very affordable as security features for your home and neighborhood.

Ring App

The Ring Doorbell app is available for both cell phones and computers. The technology behind this system allows for remote programming to perform tasks such as: sounding the doorbell, sounding the Ring Siren, sending text and audio alerts to your phone, and displaying your phone’s caller ID. This app is crucial to using your siren.

Outdoor Siren Setup

The technology used in the Ring Doorbell even works seamlessly with Alexa, which many homeowners already utilize. Once the Ring Doorbell is set up, each member on your household’s security list will receive a notification alerting them to a motion-detected presence near their home. These alerts appear on your mobile phone or other specified devices. This is perfect for members of your household who might forget to set their door locks or are too far away to hear the siren of the bell ringing.

How to set up your Outdoor Siren:

1. Disarm your Ring Alarm.

2. Select Menu, Set Up a Device, Security Devices, Sirens, and Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren in the Ring app.

3. Complete the setup by following the instructions in the app.

4. Choose a prominent location so neighbors, passersby, and emergency responders can locate your home in case of an emergency.

Note: If you’re planning to install a Ring Quick Release Battery Pack, you should fully charge it first.


Volume and duration are both adjustable. These settings will not affect any other sirens you may have, including the Ring Alarm Base Station, Keypad, or Dome Siren.

There are five volume levels available: Silent, Very Low, Low, Loud, and Loudest. Silent disables the Outdoor Siren’s siren, but the LEDs of the Outdoor Siren will flash. (When set to loud, the Outdoor Siren is over 100 decibels at 1 meter. The duration of the Outdoor Siren can also be set. You can choose between 1 or 10 minutes for the siren alarming on the Ring app.

The Outdoor Siren will turn off when Ring Alarm is silenced, disarmed, or at the end of the preset duration.

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