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How Do You Transfer an ADT Account When You Move?

Last Updated Sep 5, 2021
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ADT accounts don’t exist based on your geographical location. When you move, they move with you unless you decide to leave your ADT subscription behind with all of the associated equipment. So how does the transfer work?

Below, we’ll cover everything you need to know about what to do with your ADT account and equipment once you’re ready to move.

How Do I Transfer My ADT Account If I’m Moving?

When you’re ready to move, transferring your ADT account is a straightforward process. Contact ADT at least 30 days before your move. They’ll work with you to set up a new contract, home installation, and any new services at your future residence.

ADT contracts are local affairs, so moving probably means canceling your current contract. You shouldn’t have to worry about any early termination fees, as ADT wants your business and will be willing to set up a new contract with the local ADT provider in your new area.

When you move, you’ll choose from one of three packages to set up with your new contract:

24/7 Monitoring24/7 Monitoring24/7 Monitoring
6-month money-back guarantee6-month money-back guarantee6-month money-back guarantee
 Web and mobile accessWeb and mobile access
 Home automationHome automation
  Video surveillance

The 6-month money-back guarantee is only applicable for faulty equipment or situations that ADT cannot fix. So you can’t cancel your new contract if you change your mind after you move unless you want to pay the early termination fees.

Can You Take Your ADT Equipment With You When Moving?

In most cases, you cannot take your ADT equipment with you if you plan on moving. However, ADT has a credit system that falls under their Residential Security – Terms & Conditions policy; they add credits to your account or provide discounts for new equipment so long as your account is in good standing and you have been a customer for 24+ months.

There’s an additional contract that comes along with the discounted moving plans. Every category of discounts and services that ADT offers for moving and reinstalling brand new equipment comes with a 36-month contract.

Each contract is a bit different, with ADT offering more or less different services or different warranties; however, the 36-month contract remains the same across the board.

Can You Cancel ADT Service If You Don’t Want it At Your New Home?

If you want to cancel your service with ADT, you’ll get hit with an early termination fee. Moving doesn’t negate an existing contract with ADT, and unless you only have a month or so left on your contract, ADT will likely not waive their policy.

However, it’s a good idea to scrutinize the local ADT services in the area you are moving to and get an idea of the kind of reviews the local community has given them and what kind of services they offer.

When your new contract starts, it will be the local ADT provider that installs the new equipment in your home and provides service calls along with 24/7 professional monitoring.

How Do You Transfer a Blue by ADT Account When Moving?

Blue by ADT is a complete DIY system, so it is easy to move and goes with you when you move to a new location. ADT just asks for notification at least seven days before moving, along with five pieces of information:

  • New address street
  • City
  • County
  • The closest intersection to your new residence
  • Emergency contact verification

It may seem strange giving ADT your exact address before you move—including the nearest intersection—but Blue by ADT uses that information to check whether local permits are required. Over the years, false alarms have created quite a stir in some states, especially considering the loss of resources with local police. Due to the costs, some states or local communities require permits to have an alarm system that initiates police response.

The week prior notification also allows ADT to put your system in a “moving” status so that you can uninstall the devices. Contact Blue by ADT again once you’ve moved in, installed your devices, and connected them to the internet. They’ll reactivate the monitoring status if there are no permits required.

If permits are required, ADT won’t activate your system and resume professional monitoring until those permits are granted. How long it takes just depends on state and local laws.

Final Thoughts

Local, county, and state laws concerning alarm system permits are also applicable to regular ADT contracts. When you move, ADT contacts the local provider in your new area, and the permit—or lack thereof—is taken care of well ahead of time.

That’s assuming you give ADT a notification of your intent to move a month before doing so. Both ADT and Blue by ADT are pretty easy to work with unless you don’t enjoy the long-term contracts of the former.

Both services take a lot of the headache out of moving and taking your security system with you. Considering how stressful a move can be, it’s a relief for customers to know their home security is seamlessly taken care of from one point to another.

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