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How Do You Reset a Samsung Galaxy Watch 3?

Last Updated Jun 21, 2022
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You might be planning to give your Samsung Galaxy watch to a younger one. Or you might be having issues with it and decided to factory reset it to go back to good times.

There are three ways you can reset factory data on Samsung Galaxy watch 3, and they are: Resetting from the watch settings, resetting using reboot mode, and resetting using the Galaxy wearable app on the phone connected to the watch.

We will discuss all these ways in detail, and we’ll also give you tips on what you should avoid while doing the reset. First, let’s look at the reasons for Resetting a Galaxy watch. Keep reading!

Why Reset Your Galaxy Watch?

As Samsung Galaxy watches are smart, they run on software just like our phones and computers. And just like the latter and former, there can be many things that would prompt the need to factory reset them to default settings. Some of these are:

  • You forgot your password: It is not uncommon for us to forget passcodes, especially for new devices. When you’ve been using a device for long enough, it is easy to keep remembering its password without any brain task. However, when it’s new for whatever reason, including you changing it because it’s compromised and you are not yet used to it, you could easily forget it. Resetting the device is a way just to clear all data, so you’ll set another password.
  • Your watch has a software problem: As mentioned previously, Galaxy watches run on software. And like all similar devices that also run on software, they can easily develop software problems that will render them practically impossible to use. In such cases, doing a hard reset can often be the solution to the problem.
  • You want to give the watch to someone else: If you want to give any device that has your data on it to someone else, it is often good practice to clear all data before doing so. This is to protect any sensitive information that might be on the watch. In the case of the Galaxy watch 3, resetting it is always the best way to erase the data, as deleting them manually can leave some data in obscure parts of the device.

Now, if you are in one of these situations, you probably are impatient to know exactly how you will reset your Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. And that’s the topic of the next section!

How To Reset Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Before Resetting

The first thing to do is to back up all your data. This is quite important because it is impossible to retrieve them otherwise after the reset has been carried out.

Reset From Watch Settings

This is a very simple way of resetting your watch as it follows the same principle as factory resetting your phone in settings. To reset the Galaxy watch 3 from settings, follow these steps:

  • First, navigate to your watch settings
  • Go to general
  • Go to Reset
  • Here, you will see a checkmark. Tap it and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the process.

When you follow all the instructions, your watch will shut down and carry out the reset process. Just wait till it’s done, and everything will be fine.

Reset Using Reboot Mode

This is very useful if you are not able to reset your watch from settings for whatever reason. This could be because you forgot your pin or something else.

  • Hold and press the Home key (also known as the power key( and Back key together till you see “Rebooting” displayed at the bottom of the watch’s display
  • Repeatedly press the home key at very short intervals until you see the Reboot Mode menu displayed.
  • Navigate to Recovery by pressing the key multiple times till
  • Press and hold the home key, and the recovery process will begin.

Reset With Galaxy Wearable App

You can also reset your Galaxy watch 3 using the galaxy wearable app. This can be done on any Android or iPhone device connected to the watch.

  • Open the galaxy wearable app on the phone connected to the watch.
  • Go to watch settings.
  • In watch settings, go to General. Then, tap Reset and then confirm by tapping reset again.

Your Galaxy Watch 3 will be reset after this process.

Things To Note

Do not reset your watch when its battery is low. If you do this, your watch might go into brick mode where you’ll have to find a way to reinstall the software from scratch.


In a situation where you need to reset your Galaxy watch to default settings, there are three ways to do so. You can use the watch settings or use reboot mode on the watch. You can also reset the watch from the galaxy wearable app on the phone connected to the watch, whether Android or iPhone.

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