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How Do You Pair a Remote to a Nebula Capsule?

Last Updated Jul 1, 2022
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You have a Nebula Capsule projector and would like to use a remote control to navigate the software easily. You may be trying to pair the remote for the first time, or perhaps the remote came unpaired from the device. Whatever the case, you must learn how to pair a remote to a Nebula Capsule.

All Nebula Capsule projectors that use Android technology come with a Bluetooth controller. To pair this remote for the first time, turn on the projector, then press and hold the OK and volume down buttons for 10 seconds. 

It’s easy to pair your Bluetooth remote with your Nebula Capsule. Read below to learn how to enjoy the comfort of using a remote control with your projector.

How to Pair a Remote to a Nebula Capsule

Using the projector’s buttons is nowhere near as comfortable as controlling the screen with a remote control while sitting on your couch, chair, or hammock. Luckily, pairing the remote control with your projector is easy. However, the exact steps you need to follow will depend on whether or not this is the first time you’re using the projector.

Pairing a Remote to a New Nebula Capsule

All Nebula Capsules that use Android TV technology come with a Bluetooth remote control. This includes the original Nebula Capsule, as well as the Nebula Capsule II. If you just purchased your projector and need to pair the remote for the first time, the process only requires a couple of simple steps.

First, make sure the controller is charged. Then, power on the projector and wait until the “Remote Control Connection” page pops up. This should happen automatically. 

Now, you can place the controller close to the projector and press and hold the OK and volume down buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds. Once you release these buttons, the remote should be connected to the projector.

Pairing a Remote to a Used Nebula Capsule

If your remote control came unpaired from your Nebula Capsule or you’re trying to pair a controller to a used device, you will need to follow a few extra steps. Since you’re not setting the device up for the first time, the “Remote Control Connection” screen won’t appear automatically when you turn the projector on. Instead, you’ll follow the steps below to pair your remote:

  • Check if your remote control has a decent battery charge. If not, charge it before moving on.
  • Turn the projector on.
  • Press the home button on the projector to access the Home menu. This is the button with a house icon on it. 
  • Using the arrows and OK button on the projector, navigate to and select “Settings.”
  • Choose “Remotes and Accessories” from the Settings screen.
  • Select “Add Accessories.” The projector will then start searching for new devices.
  • On the remote, press and hold the OK and volume down buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds to enter pairing mode.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to finalize the pairing process.

After finishing this process, your remote will be paired with the projector. You can use the arrows, volume, return, home, Google Assistant, and power buttons from the comfort of your couch. 

Note that the power button only works to turn the projector off, not on. While the projector is off, the Bluetooth receiver is also off, so you will need to press the power button on the projector to turn it back on. 

Nebula Capsules with IR Remotes

Some Nebula Capsule projectors do not use Android TV as their operating system. Instead, they use an adapted version of Android. These come with IR remotes, which some people find do not work as smoothly as their Bluetooth counterparts. Luckily, you can purchase and pair your own Bluetooth remote to use with these Nebula Capsules.

To pair the two devices, follow the steps below: 

  • Find the Bluetooth icon on the projector’s home screen.
  • Click this to open the Bluetooth screen and start scanning for available devices. 
  • Put your Bluetooth controller into pairing mode by following the instructions that came with it.
  • Wait a few seconds for the devices to pair, then test the controller to ensure it works. 

Note that if you are not using a Nebula Capsule controller, you may not be able to use all the remote’s features. Additionally, a third-party remote may not offer full functionality with your Nebula Capsule. 

Wrapping Up

Using a remote control with your Nebula Capsule is always more convenient than using the built-in buttons. To pair a controller to a new Nebula Capsule, wait until the screen prompts you to do so and hold down the OK and volume down buttons simultaneously for ten seconds. 

If you’re pairing a remote to a used Nebula Capsule, you will need to find Bluetooth pairing mode under the device’s settings to connect to your remote. If your Nebula Capsule uses an IR controller, you may still be able to connect a Bluetooth controller, but with the cost of losing a few features.

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