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How Do You Calibrate a Wyze Lock?

Last Updated Dec 19, 2021
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Wyze products have been known for their effectiveness, even with their relatively low prices. Wyze locks are smart locks that are Zigbee-enabled and allow the users to lock and unlock their doors without needing their keys. Smart locks like Wyze locks need calibration for them to work correctly, leading buyers to ask, “How do you calibrate a Wyze Lock?”

You can calibrate a Wyze Lock by completing the Wyze Lock setup process, manually locking and unlocking the door, keeping the door slightly ajar, and putting the door in different positions before testing it. 

The entire calibration process is more intricate and prolonged than this but is still very easy to do. You also have to do this as often as possible and frequently to ensure your door is always in the proper condition. Keep reading to get the complete comprehensive guide on calibrating a Wyze Lock.

What is a Wyze Lock?

As mentioned earlier, Wyze Locks are smart locks. We often portray smart locks as new inventions or technology, but they have been around for a while. For example, we have used remote-controlled locks to lock and unlock our cars from a distance for some time now. Wyze Locks are a type of smart lock used in the house.

Smart locks are similar to standard door locks, and they are not very complex. The only difference is that they are automatic, while regular door locks are manual. They replace the deadbolt in your door and use the bolt to secure the door to the frame. Instead of keys, you can lock and unlock them with your smartphone app, wireless remote, or a key card.

The good thing about smart locks is that they can work remotely, meaning you can lock and unlock your door from anywhere in the world or set it to close at a specific time of the day. However, to ensure your Wyze locks operate the right way, you need to calibrate them often.

What is Calibration, and Why Do You Need to Calibrate Your Wyze Locks?

Wyze Locks have sensors that send signals to the system, which sends signals to control the bolt to lock or unlock. These sensors detect if the door is opened, closed, or if a correct code has been entered and send these signals to the central system. To ensure that these sensors read the correct data, you have to calibrate them often. 

Calibration is the process you use to set a piece of equipment to read and send the correct information. Calibration of Wyze Locks is vital because they help set the sensors in place and ensure that the bolt doesn’t close and open at the wrong time. 

If your Wyze Lock is not calibrated, it can attempt to lock the door if it is slightly ajar, or refuse to trigger the ajar alarm even when the door is ajar. Calibration helps ensure that your locks are in their best shape so that you can trust them to lock and unlock for you, even when you are not there.

If you would like to learn more about Wyze locks, check out this article.

How to Calibrate a Wyze Lock

To calibrate a Wyze Lock, there are a few steps to follow. You will need your smartphone or remote control, and you will also need to stand by the door throughout the whole process:

  1. Go to the Wyze app on your smartphone and click on “Wyze Lock.”
  2. Open the Lock Settings by clicking on the gear icon. 
  3. Search for “Calibrate: in the settings and click on it.
  4. Manually close your door and lock it with the deadbolt.
  5. Click on next, and wait till you hear a sound from the “Wyze Lock.”
  6. Manually unlock the door with the deadbolt and open it as wide as possible.
  7. Click on next, and wait till you hear a sound from the “Wyze Lock.”
  8. Keep the door ajar, with some space between the door and the frame.
  9. Click on next, and wait till you hear a sound from the “Wyze Lock.”
  10. Close the door manually and use the deadbolt to lock it. 
  11. Click on “Next,” and the calibration will be complete. To ensure the deadbolts are working correctly, Wyze lock will automatically lock and unlock the bolts by itself. 

The smartphone app has all these processes carefully laid out when calibrating, so you can follow them easily and get the correct result. 

You can calibrate the Wyze Lock as soon as you purchase it, and you may have to calibrate it frequently. If you find that any automatic function is not working correctly, you might want to consider recalibration.


Wyze Locks are cheap and have a very functional design, but they must be calibrated constantly for optimal performance. Follow the steps listed above, and you will successfully calibrate the Wyze Smart Lock for your home doors.

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