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How Do I Watch Netflix on Echo 15?

Last Updated Aug 4, 2022
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Perhaps you already own an Echo Show 15, or maybe you’re considering purchasing one. Either way, you want to be sure you can watch all your favorite Netflix shows on your new tablet! After all, the Echo Show 15 has the largest screen size of the series, and you want to make good use of it. So, how exactly can you watch Netflix on the Echo Show 15?

To watch Netflix on your Echo Show 15, search the home screen for the Netflix app or ask Alexa to open it. You can also use other voice commands to find new shows or genres. To use Netflix on this device, you must first log in to your account.

You are trying to learn how to use Netflix on your Echo Show 15 and all the commands or shortcuts you can take to get the best experience. Keep reading to learn more about accessing Netflix on your Echo Show 15! 

How Can I Watch Netflix on the Echo Show 15?

Netflix is one of the world’s most popular streaming platforms. Due to its popularity, the application comes pre-installed on the Echo Show 15

You will not need to download and install the Netflix app. Instead, find the Netflix icon on your home screen and tap to open it, or use a voice command to ask Alexa to open it.

Although Netflix can stream up to 1080p, it cannot stream in this high quality on the Echo Show 15. Regardless of your Echo device’s resolution, content on Netflix will always play in 540p.

Operating Netflix on the Echo Show 15 is very similar to other devices. However, in addition to the difference in quality, there are a few other differences to be aware of.  

How to Manually Operate Netflix on Echo Show 15

All Echo Show 15 models come with the Netflix application pre-installed. Use the touch screen to scroll through the home page until you find the Netflix app. Then, tap on it to open the Netflix home screen.

Once you are on the Netflix home screen, you will see recommended shows, movies, and genres. If you want to find shows and movies in a specific genre, click on the “Browse” tab. Here, you will find a selection of all the genres Netflix has available. If you have a specific movie or show in mind, use the “Search” function to find it quickly.

If you are already watching a movie and want to change the audio language or turn on subtitles, tap anywhere on the screen and select the speech bubble. In the “Audio & Subtitles” menu, you can activate and deactivate subtitles and change the subtitle or audio language.  

To rewind or fast forward, you can tap on the screen and move the bar at the bottom to the point in the show you want to see. However, unlike other devices, the Echo Show 15 does not give users the option to move forward or backward 10 seconds at a time.

Operating Netflix Through Alexa Voice Commands

The great thing about watching Netflix on an Alexa-enabled device is using voice commands to control screen functions. Instead of opening the app manually, you can state, “Alexa, open Netflix” to quickly open the app. You can even ask Alexa to play a specific show. 

If you ask Alexa to play a particular show on Netflix, make sure to be specific. If the show you want to watch is available on other streaming platforms, just saying “Alexa, play (show name)” may open it on another app. Instead, say, “Alexa, play (show name) on Netflix.” 

How to Setup Netflix on the Echo Show 15

Although the Netflix application comes pre-installed on your device, there is one thing you will need to do before you can start streaming: sign into your account! If you have not signed into Netflix on your Echo device yet, follow the steps below to do so:

  • Open Netflix from the home screen or with a voice command.
  • Select “Member Sign In.”
  • Type your Netflix email and password.
  • Click “Continue.” 

Once you are signed in, you can begin watching your favorite shows and movies. If you don’t have a Netflix account, you must create one before using the application. 

Can I Sign Out of Netflix on Echo Show 15?

Perhaps you signed into Netflix on a friend’s device or want to sign out of your account before you leave for work to limit your children’s screen time. If you want to sign out of your Netflix account for any reason, follow these steps:

  • Open the Netflix application. 
  • Select the button with three horizontal lines in a square. This will open the Netflix menu.
  • Click “Sign out.”
  • Press “Sign out” again to confirm.

This will sign you out of your Netflix account on your Echo Show 15. Next time you open the app, you must sign in again to stream movies or shows.

Wrapping Up

The Netflix application comes pre-installed on all Echo Show devices, including the Echo Show 15. You can open Netflix using the touch screen or an Alexa voice command. The interface is very similar to other devices and gives you almost all of the same options, with a couple of slight differences.

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