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How Do I Use Wyze Lock With Google Home?

Last Updated Dec 20, 2021
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Our homes have never been smarter! Almost every single one of our home appliances can now communicate with each other or through a handy smart home device, making our lives a whole lot more convenient. Of course, when it comes to security, it’s not just convenience we’re looking for, but safety as well, but luckily, your Wyze lock can do both! So how do you use a Wyze lock with Google Home to have hands-free control of your home security? 

To use a Wyze lock with Google Home, simply pair the two devices and set a 4-digit PIN that you will need to control the lock with your voice commands. Once you have set the PIN, you can lock, unlock, and check the status of your Wyze lock with a Google Home.

The even better news is that connecting your Wyze lock with a Google Home and setting your 4-digit security PIN couldn’t be easier! And we have each and every step you need in order to do so right now so you can be hands-free within the next few minutes. 

How to Connect a Wyze Lock with a Google Home

Before we get started on our instructions, you will need to have your Wyze lock installed, set up, and connected to your Wyze app on your phone, and the Google Home also needs to be fully functioning with the Google Home app ready to go. 

Now that you’re ready, first, you need to set your pin: 

  • On the Wyze app, select the option for your Wyze Lock. 
  • Select Settings.
  • Click Third-Party Integration, then select Reset Pin.
  • A Google Home option will appear, click it and enter your specific 4-digit PIN. 
  • Your PIN will not be visible, but it will be set.

Next, we can pair the two devices:

  • Open the Google Home app on your smartphone. 
  • On the top left corner of the page, select the “+” icon. 
  • Click Set Up Device, then New Devices.
  • Select Search and navigate to Wyze Home. 
  • Here you will need to sign in to your Wyze account.
  • A Choose Device option will appear, and your Wyze lock will pop up. 
  • Select your Wyze lock to connect the two.

You should be good to go! You can test if the connection worked properly by commanding your Wyze lock through Google Home and using your chosen 4-digit PIN.

However, if you are having trouble, don’t worry! We have a few simple solutions to fix any minor issues you may be experiencing. 

Troubleshooting a Wyze Lock and Google Home Connection

There are a few common problems people face when trying to pair their Wyze locks with a Google Home, so if you are having an issue, don’t worry, we have the answer! 

The most likely problem is that you cannot see your Wyze Lock on the Google Home app. In order to troubleshoot, you can follow these simple directions: 

  • Ensure that you have properly set your Google Home PIN on your Wyze app first.
  • Delete the Google Home app.
  • Reset the Google Home speaker.
  • You will then need to re-setup both the Google Home and Google Home speaker. 
  • Go through the directions above once again to pair your Wyze Lock. 

If you still cannot connect the two, you may need to contact the Wyze support team.

Another frequently experienced problem occurs if you have more than one Wyze lock. You may notice that setting a PIN for one lock does not connect all of them to your Google Home, but the good news is, you can easily pair them all! 

You will need to follow the instructions above and set up a 4-digit PIN for each individual lock, however, to make your life a little easier, you can use the same numbers for each of the different locks. 

How to Use a Google Home to Control a Wyze Lock

Now that you know how to connect the two devices, you may want to know how to actually use the Google Home to control a Wyze luck. 

With a simple voice command and your set 4-digit PIN, you can easily lock, unlock, and even check on the status of your Wyze lock from anywhere in your home, making your home safer than ever! 

Final Thoughts

Being, and of course, feeling safe is so important, and with the Wyze lock, you can rest a little easier knowing your doors are locked and will stay locked until you decide otherwise. 

When it comes to convenience, it doesn’t get much easier than the Google Home, and if you have one in your home, you already know that you can use this little smart speaker for pretty much everything, and now you know that you can easily connect your Wyze lock as well!

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