How Do I Use My SD Card with My WYZE Outdoor Camera?

Blue SD card in a plastic case.Blue SD card in a plastic case.

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The WYZE outdoor camera is a great way to watch your property and doors when you are away from home. If you are searching for a camera that can be used with a memory card or if you want to be able to use an SD card in your outdoor camera, you are probably wondering the best way to install it and use it.

Below, we will cover how to use an SD card with your WYZE outdoor camera, as well as reasons why you’d want to use local storage. We will also go over how to use SD cards with the Wyze Base Station to back up information. 

How to Install a MicroSD Card in Wyze Outdoor Camera

You can install the SD card into the outdoor camera in a few simple steps:

  1. Pull the base away from the bottom of the camera to see the SD card slot.
  2. Lift and gently pull aside the protective cover labeled SD Card.
  3. Insert your SD card into the slot. Make sure to push it in until you hear it click.
  4. Make sure the metal pins are facing down when you insert the SD card.
  5. Replace the protective SD card cover over the base of the camera.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you get an error message or the camera isn’t recognizing the SD card, you might want to ensure it is installed correctly.

If you get the message “No microSD installed in the camera,” try these steps:

  1. Confirm that you have the SD card in the camera.
  2. Restart the Wyze app by force closing it and then opening it again.
  3. In the Wyze app, select Live Stream.
  4. After it has loaded, press View Playback.
  5. If you don’t the error message again and the video plays, your SD card is working properly.

If the above steps didn’t work, try the following steps:

  1. Remove the SD card from the camera.
  2. Insert the card again.
  3. If you hear a ding-ding noise, the camera has recognized the card.

If the camera doesn’t make a ding-ding noise, you might want to check the contents of the SD card on a computer. Formatting the card on a computer will repair any bad elements and might make it easier for the camera to read the SD card. Check this full guide for using the SD card on a computer.

If the microSD card is not detected in the camera or the computer, it might be a faulty SD card. Try using a different SD card and see if it works. If the card is detected by the computer but not the camera, there might be an issue with the camera’s SD slot.

If you have tried several SD cards and none of them are working, consider contacting WYZE support.

Should I Use an SD Card in the WYZE Base Station?

If you own the WYZE Outdoor Camera, you probably know that you need the base station for the camera to work properly. The outdoor camera and the base station both have spots for an SD card.

Putting an SD card into the base station will allow you to backup event recordings from the outdoor camera directly to the base station. The SD card is a physical backup location and might come in handy when the cloud isn’t working or syncing properly.

To install the SD card into the WYZE base station, follow these steps:

  1. Find the SD card slot on the side of the base station.
  2. Insert the microSD card into the slot and press it until it fully clicks.
  3. The metal contact pins need to be facing upwards.

Keep in mind the SD card will not backup the standard 12-second events to the base station. If you have the Outdoor Camera Plus service enabled, the events recorded beyond 12 seconds will not be backed up into the base station.

In Summary

The SD card in the WYZE outdoor camera isn’t required, but it does have some added benefits. With the microSD card, you can:

  • Back up time-lapse videos
  • Back up scheduled recordings
  • View micro-SD card contents on the computer

The SD card in the WYZE outdoor camera is a great way to back up your data and have it in a physical location. To get started with the SD card, install it at the camera base and then put the protective cover over it.

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