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How Do I Update My Ring Doorbell Firmware or App? (With Screenshots)

Last Updated Mar 15, 2022
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Our smart tech is always getting smarter. Whether you realize it or not, your smart devices, such as the Ring Doorbell, are updating their firmware several times a year. These updates are designed to keep your information safe and provide new features to your devices. So how do you update your Ring Doorbell firmware?

The Ring Doorbell will automatically update its firmware. When you first set up your Ring Doorbell, all updates will be downloaded and installed; after that, your Ring Doorbell is self-sufficient at keeping itself up to date.

Although your Ring Doorbell automatically updates itself, it is still important to check on your devices to ensure they are working properly. Keep reading to learn how to check your Ring Doorbell’s firmware status and more about Ring updates.

How Do I Know if My Ring Doorbell’s Firmware is Updated?

It can be smart to double-check that your firmware is up to date every once in a while.

It is easy to check your Ring Doorbell’s firmware status in the Ring app. You’ll need to navigate to the Device Health menu found under your Ring Doorbell in the app. Within Device Health, you will find a section called “Device Details,” and the Firmware selection will be there.

Ring Doorbell app menu
Ring Doorbell app devices section
Ring Doorbell app front door device
Ring Doorbell app device health menu with firmware: up to date circled

Your Ring App will then display “Up to date” if no updates are needed or display the current firmware version if a firmware update is needed. This firmware update should happen automatically within the next day.

How Long Does a Firmware Update Take on Ring Doorbell?

While your Ring Doorbell is updating, the camera will not be available. While this is not ideal, the updates are designed to be short and quick so that your device is back up and running quickly.

The firmware updates for your Ring Doorbell will take at most 5 minutes. The update will automatically install during the least busy time of the day for your camera.

The least busy time of day is unique for each device based on the history of events that the device has recorded. For example, if your Ring Doorbell rarely records events from 2 am to 3 am, it may choose to update during that hour.

Can I Roll Back a Ring Doorbell Firmware Update?

Firmware updates are thoroughly tested before they reach your devices, but occasionally there may be glitches in the new updates that affect the performance of your device.

Once installed, it is not possible to remove a Ring Doorbell firmware update. However, if you do have a serious issue with your Ring Doorbell, you can try factory resetting the device to remove former updates, but you will lose all device data and settings as well.

  • Ring Doorbell 1st Gen – To reset your 1st Gen Ring Doorbell, remove it from the wall and hold the orange button for 20 seconds.
  • Ring Doorbell 2nd Gen – To reset your 2nd Gen Ring Doorbell, remove the doorbell’s faceplate and hold the black reset button for 15 seconds.
  • Ring Doorbell 3rd/4th Gen – To reset your 3rd or 4th Gen Ring Doorbell, remove the doorbell’s faceplate and hold the black and orange reset button for 15 seconds.
  • Ring Doorbell Pro – To reset your Ring Doorbell Pro, remove the doorbell’s faceplate and hold the black reset button on the right side of the doorbell for 15 seconds.

Once you set the device back up with internet access, it will download the same firmware update again.

How Do I Update My Ring App?

Keeping your Ring app up to date is as important as keeping your Ring firmware up to date.

Most devices will automatically update apps when you are connected to Wi-Fi and your phone is charging. If you want to update your Ring app when you are not connected to Wi-Fi or when your phone is not charging, you can find the Ring app in your phone’s app store and start the update immediately.


Your Ring Doorbell is designed to keep itself up to date and running as smoothly as possible, so it will automatically update itself with the newest firmware. Your camera will not be functional while installing an update, but updates are very quick and will happen during off-hours. If your camera is not working properly, a factory reset may be the best option to get your camera back up and working.

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