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How Do I Turn The Google Assistant Off On The Nest Audio?

Last Updated Jan 30, 2022
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Using a smart home speaker with your virtual assistant is a convenient tool to keep your home or work life on schedule, but you don’t necessarily want or need all of the speakers in the room to respond when you give a voice command! One smart speaker is often quite enough to control the smart home devices in the room.

The Google Nest Audio speaker has a manual on/off switch on the back of the device that turns off the microphone that responds to voice commands. However, individual device settings for Google Assistant can be altered or customized on the Google Home app as well.

Okay, so while you don’t want the Nest Audio to respond to all voice commands, manually turning the mic off may be a step too far. Let’s get into ways we can customize the virtual assistant settings on the Nest Audio using the Google Home app!

Customizing Your Google Assistant Settings in the App

Using the Google Home app, you can customize your Google Assistant settings for individual smart devices in your home. You can also stop individual devices from collecting data or erase existing personal information collected by your Google Assistant, place devices on Do Not Disturb, and enable Guest Mode to block voice commands that request your data.

Enabling Do Not Disturb For The Nest Audio

You can place your Nest Audio in Do Not Disturb mode to stop Google Assistant voice features and notifications. To use Do Not Disturb, follow the instructions below:

  1. Select the Google Home app
  2. Select the Nest Audio
  3. Select Settings
  4. Select Notifications and digital wellbeing
  5. Select Do Not Disturb to turn on/off

Do Not Disturb works similarly to using the same feature on your phone and will stay on until you turn it off. When this setting is enabled, you will not receive any notifications on your Nest Audio, but the device will still respond to voice commands.

How To Enable Guest Mode On Your Nest Audio

To continue using your Google Assistant features on the Nest Audio while protecting your privacy, you may choose to enable Guest Mode. When Guest Mode is turned on, most Google Assistant features can be used but all voice recordings and activity will be automatically removed. 

When Guest Mode is on, personal information such as calendar events and contacts will not be available. However, data related to other app providers may be saved. To turn Guest Mode on or off using the voice command, “Hey Google, turn on/off Guest Mode.”

Additional Privacy Settings For Google Assistant

The Google Home app and Google Assistant also have general settings to help control your privacy that can be enabled on all your connected devices. In this section, we go into ways you can protect your data while using Google Assistant.

Deleting Your Google Assistant Activity

You can remove any activity your Google Assistant has saved using voice commands, the Google Home app, or on your Google Account page. You can use these options to remove specific activities for individual communications up to all activity stored. 

Delete Activities Using Voice Commands

To remove activities using voice commands, you can ask your Google Assistant by giving a command such as “Hey/OK Google, delete today/this week’s/this month activity.” To remove something, you’ve just said or done, you can also say, “Hey/OK Google, which wasn’t for you.”

Delete All Activity On Your Google Account Page

  1. Navigate to your Google Account page on your phone or computer
  2. Sign in to your Account
  3. Select Google Assistant Activity Page
  4. On the top right of the Google Assistant banner, select More
  5. Select Delete Activity by
  6. Select All Time
  7. Select Delete, then select Delete again to confirm

Please Note: Once your activity is removed, it will be permanently removed from your Account and cannot be retrieved. 


When you have multiple smart speakers, you don’t want them to respond at once to voice commands! You also may choose to limit the data your virtual assistant saves to protect your privacy. 

In this article, you’ve got everything you need to answer the initial question of how to turn the Google Assistant off on your Nest Audio, and how to customize your privacy settings!