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How Do I Turn Off Amazon Glow?

Last Updated Aug 1, 2022
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Most electronic devices, especially those that store data, have a built-in power button. However, many Amazon Glow users often make the mistake of unplugging the device from the power outlet instead of simply turning the device off. If you have a habit of doing the same, you may wonder if there’s an easy way to turn off your Amazon Glow.

You can turn off your Amazon Glow by clicking the power button at the bottom right side of the device. Pressing this button will either turn the Glow off or put it in sleep mode, depending on how long you hold it.

Simply unplugging the Amazon Glow instead of turning it off with the power button can produce unintended consequences. Keep reading to understand how to handle powering off the Amazon Glow!

How Do You Turn Off the Amazon Glow?

The Amazon Glow is a device geared toward children ages 3-9 who often do not understand how to use advanced electronics properly. Kids often try to turn their devices off by unplugging them from the power outlet rather than turning them off from the main control panel.

To correct this behavior, you must teach them the proper way of switching off gadgets. If you want to turn off the Amazon Glow, follow the steps below:

  • Find the power button at the bottom right corner of the device. When the Glow is turned on, the button will glow white.
  • Press and hold the power button for 3-5 seconds.
  • A power-off notification will appear on the device screen. Tap “OK” to confirm that you want to power the device off.

Once the device has been turned off properly, you can unplug it from the wall socket. If you don’t want to power down the Amazon Glow completely, you can also use the power button to put it in sleep mode.

How to Put the Amazon Glow in Sleep Mode

If your kids are taking a lunch break or timing out to do their home assignments, you can put the Amazon Glow in sleep mode until they return. This mode ensures that the device does not turn completely off so they can pick up their activities from where they left off.

To put the Amazon Glow to sleep, press the power button for a second or two, then release it. The screen will go blank, but the power button will dimly glow to indicate that it’s in sleep mode.

When you’re ready to turn the Glow back on, short press the power button. The device will then reactivate, allowing your kids to carry on with their games and recreational activities.

Does Turning Off the Amazon Glow Erase Stored Data?

If you’ve never completely turned your Amazon Glow off, you may worry that doing so will erase your work or progress levels. Instead, however, turning the device will do the exact opposite. Just like shutting down a computer does not affect your stored data, turning off your Amazon Glow will secure your data and protect your saved content.

What If You Unplug the Amazon Glow Without Turning It Off?

Unplugging the Amazon Glow without turning it off via the power button will restart the device. This method is primarily used as a troubleshooting method when a software problem or glitch occurs. But, restarting the Amazon Glow continuously and unplugging it as a shutdown method can have negative long-term effects on the device. Some of these effects include:

  • Loss of stored data
  • Software corruption
  • Potential overheating and power outlet damage

Below, we’ll discuss what each of these effects can mean for your device.

Loss of Stored Data

You risk losing your data if you unplug your Amazon Glow while it’s still on. This means that, whether you remembered to save the content you’ve created or worked on or not, there is a high chance you will lose it.

Software Corruption

Gradually, your Amazon Glow will become prone to glitches and software corruption if you don’t turn it off using the power button. These corruptions will likely result in glitches and freezes, lowering your Amazon Glow’s response and performance rate.

Potential Overheating and Power Outlet Damage

Continuously unplugging the Amazon Glow can weaken the power outlet. In the short term, this can cause overheating and damage to the plug and power outlet. But in the long term, it can lead to a power spike, creating a fire hazard.


You can turn off the Amazon Glow by pressing the power button on the lower right corner of the device. Unplugging the Amazon Glow without turning it off first wears on the device over time, leading to the loss of saved data and potentially creating a fire hazard.

You must be vigilant about turning off the Amazon Glow, especially when the kids are left unsupervised. Teach them to turn it off with the power button, then unplug it from the power outlet. It is better to opt for the safe shutdown process rather than a fast and careless one.

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