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How Do I Turn Down The Brightness On My VTech Baby Monitor?

Last Updated Aug 22, 2022

A home is filled with love and excitement when a baby is born. One of the most stressful and fun things a parent can do is prepare for their child. A baby monitor is likely one of the most important items you buy. You must always keep an eye on your little bundle of joy. But, when you turn it on, you might wonder, how do I turn down the brightness on my VTech baby monitor?

You are not alone if you are asking this question. Some baby monitors can be extremely bright, which is not helpful when trying to get some shut-eye yourself. Some baby monitors have built-in buttons to solve this problem, while others require more work to dim. Keep reading to find out how to dim the screen on your VTech baby monitor.

How to Turn the Brightness Down on a VTech Baby Monitor

VTech has designed a baby monitor to provide parents with a clear and crisp image of their baby during the day and night. This baby monitor is extremely useful and has great reviews due to its design and performance. One complaint people have has to do with the screen brightness. This will make them ask how do I turn down the brightness on my VTech baby monitor?

To turn down the brightness on the VTech baby monitor, you must go to the settings and find the sun icon. Then use the up and down arrows to adjust the brightness of the LCD monitor to your preferred preference. You can always adjust the monitor whenever you need it brighter or dimmer.

Not only can you change the brightness on the monitor, but you can also change other settings, such as the volume on a VTech baby monitor.

We will now go into more detail with a step-by-step guide once you understand the instructions. To learn more about adjusting your screen’s brightness, please continue reading this article.

Wait for the Monitor to go Idle

The first thing you need to do before you can adjust the VTech baby monitor is to exercise some patience. To navigate to the menu button, you will need to wait until the monitor has gone idle before you can do so. When the screen on the parent unit goes off after 50 seconds of no sound or movement being detected, you will know the parent unit has gone idle.

Press the Menu Button

It is now possible for you to go ahead and go ahead and press the menu button on the VTech baby monitor once it has successfully entered the idle mode. On the right-hand side of the monitor, you will find the menu button located in the middle ring of the arrows, in the middle of the arrows. The word “menu” is directly labeled on the button to make it easier to use. 

Select the Settings Icon

It is important to begin the navigation process once the menu has been opened on the monitor. The left arrow and right arrow can be used for this purpose. Press the left or right button until you highlight the gear icon on the menu screen. This is the settings button. Press select once you have highlighted the settings icon and enter the next screen.

Select the Brightness Icon

It is time to navigate to the next screen to the icon that looks like a sun. This icon represents the brightness menu/function on the VTech baby monitor. Once again, you can use the arrows on the monitor to navigate to this icon. Use the up and down arrow until you highlight the sun icon. Once highlighted, press the select key to enter the next step.

Adjust the Screen Brightness

The last step is to adjust the screen brightness. The VTech baby monitor is automatically set to Level 3 brightness when first used. The brightness can adjust from Level 1 (dimmest) up to Level 5 (brightest). The screen brightness can be adjusted manually to fit your needs.

To adjust the screen brightness, you must use the arrow keys again. Press up to increase the brightness and press down to dim the screen. The screen will brighten and dim on command as you cycle through the options. Use this to help you determine which setting will work for you at night or with the lighting in the room.

If you’re noticing the screen isn’t getting any brighter, we have some troubleshooting tips to fix it.

Exit the Settings Menu

Once you have found the right setting and amount of brightness to suit your needs, it is time to exit the menu and get back to watching the baby. To do this, you need to locate the menu button again. Press the menu button repeatedly until the screen enters into surveillance mode again. The VTech baby monitor will go back to monitoring movement and sound.

Good Night’s Sleep

Now that you have adjusted the settings on the VTech baby monitor, you can grab your favorite pillow and blanket and get some much-needed sleep. After all, growing tiny humans into strong, kind, and loving people is hard work, and a bright screen is not conducive to a good night’s sleep.

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