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How Do I Reset the Roomba Vacuum?

Last Updated Oct 29, 2021
Handing pressing a button on Roomba vacuum to reset it.
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Roomba vacuums are incredible additions to any smart home, making it possible for you to use your free time doing the things you enjoy rather than another chore. However, if your Roomba is malfunctioning or you plan on giving it away, you may be curious as to how to reset the device.

How you reset your Roomba depends on the model you have:

  • s and i: Simply press and hold the “CLEAN” button for 20 seconds
  • 700, 800, 900 series: hold the “CLEAN” button for 10 seconds
  • eSeries, 800 and 600 Wi-Fi, and regular 600 and 500 series: press “HOME” and “SPOT CLEAN” for 10 seconds.

The overall process for resetting any Roomba vacuum is to press and hold the “CLEAN” button or the combination of “CLEAN” and “HOME.” But, to better understand this, this article will break down how to accomplish that for a few of iRobot’s popular Roomba models.  

Why Reset Your Roomba Vacuum?

Given certain circumstances, you might be under the impression that a reset is the best option to get your Roomba vacuum back to its regular functionality. But, before a reset, there are a few vital things that should be considered first. Here are some of the drawbacks of a reset:

  • All cleaning preferences and schedules will be erased
  • All third-party smart speakers/devices will be disconnected
  • Imprints/smart maps will be erased

That being said, if there are issues that can’t seem to be resolved, a reset should do the trick. Additionally, if you want to give your product to another person, the reset process will help with this transfer.

To summarize, if you reset your product, you will have to treat it as if it is brand new, where you will have to set it up again, starting from scratch.

Performing a Reset on s and i Roomba Models

As described above, there are many Roomba products, all with very similar processes of resets. For the i series, with the most popular product being the i3 and i7, and the s series, with the popular s9, the process is simple for each:

  1. Press and hold the “CLEAN” button for 20 seconds.
  2. Upon release, the device should produce a glowing white ring around the button.
  3. The light turning off indicates that the procedure is over.

Performing a Reset on Regular 700, 800, and 900 Roomba Models

There is one fundamental difference between this process and the one outlined directly above, which pertains to how long you press for.

Here, rather than pressing for 20 seconds, press for just 10. Also, instead of a white circular light glowing then turning off when the process is over, a chime will sound.

Performing a Reset on Other Roomba Vacuum Models

Performing the reset for all Roomba products in the eSeries, 500, 600, 600 Wi-Fi, 800, and 800 Wi-Fi series differs slightly from the processes above.

Here, follow the steps from performing a reset on the 700, 800, and 900 product models, but hold both the “HOME” and “SPOT CLEAN” buttons for 10 seconds. The Chime will indicate the reset is complete.

If you have any further questions on any of the procedures outlined, this FAQ can help.

Common Problems/Solutions for Roomba Vacuums

Now that the methods to reset your device have been discussed, it should be noted that many common problems have simple solutions that do not warrant a full reset. Issues with the battery, brushes, and charging are all hardware-related, and therefore do not pertain to your resettable software.

Software issues are where resetting your Roomba makes the most sense. If your Roomba is stalling or is constantly causing havoc or making errors, powering off your device and resetting it is the way to go.

For a comprehensive look into some types of errors and solutions to them, this Homeplix article (released in 2021) provides relevant, useful information on how to troubleshoot your Roomba vacuum problems.


Sometimes, troubleshooting why your Roomba vacuum is not functioning properly is too tedious, and performing a reset would wash away any extra time spent looking through FAQs, how-to guides, and other things of the sort. However, you will have to spend time thoroughly setting up your device again, which may outweigh the time to troubleshoot. Either way, that decision is made with your best judgment.

Though you will essentially be starting from scratch with your product, you’ll most likely be able to fix any schedules, smart maps, and other things pertaining to getting the best clean possible. Additionally, you can be more confident that whatever problem was occurring was erased and that your product is virtually back to as good as new.

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