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How Do I Mirror My Kindle to My TV?

Last Updated Jun 29, 2022
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Amazon makes a variety of tablets and e-readers under the Fire name. They are typically a great value and can give you some cool features. But can you mirror your Fire’s screen on your television?

For most users, you can mirror the screen of your Kindle Fire tablet to your television. It will require some settings and maybe some more hardware, but it is possible. 

What steps are necessary to be able to see your Kindle’s screen on your TV? Read below to find out exactly how to set everything up.

What Will You Need to Mirror Your Kindle to Your TV?

Even though mirroring a Kindle’s screen to your television is fairly simple, there are a few things that you are going to need before setting everything up.

  • Kindle: This seems fairly obvious, but first you will need a Kindle that you want to use for mirroring. The main thing here is that it needs to be a Kindle Fire tablet. A Kindle e-reader is not meant to display content on another screen, so make sure you have a tablet and not the e-reader.
  • Television: You will also need a television, of course. Not just any television will do, though. To make things as easy as possible, it is best to have a television that has an Amazon Fire TV or Amazon Fire Stick connected to the television.
  • Internet: For your internet, you want to make sure that the Fire tablet and the streaming device connected to the TV are on the same internet connection.

Once you have these three things turned on, connected to the internet, and ready to go, it is time to begin connecting the Fire tablet to the television

Steps to Connect Your Kindle to Your TV in the Fire Environment

If you have a Fire TV or Fire Stick connected to your television, then you are ready to start mirroring your tablet’s screen onto your TV.

Here is how we will connect the tablet to the TV.

  1. As mentioned above, make sure your tablet and streaming device are connected to the internet and on the same network.
  2. Ensure that your Fire Stick or Fire TV device is powered on and displayed on your television.
  3. Make sure that your tablet and streaming device are both logged in to the same Amazon account. This is very important.
  4. On your tablet, go to the settings application.
  5. Select the Display option.
  6. In Display, see if there is an option called Display Mirroring. This is the setting that will allow you to mirror your Kindle’s display on your TV. If you do not see a Display Mirroring option, then you will not be able to mirror your screen from the tablet to the TV.
  7. When you select Display Mirroring, a list of devices that are available should pop up.
  8. Select the streaming device you would like to use to mirror your tablet.
  9. After approximately 20 seconds, the screens should be mirrored and you should be able to see your tablet’s screen on the TV.

The Kindle Fire tablets use a modified version of Google’s Android operating system so, at their core, they are really just Android tablets.

What if I Do Not Have a Fire TV or Fire Stick?

There are a couple of different options here. Unfortunately, without a Fire TV or Fire Stick, you will not be able to fully mirror your Kindle’s screen on your TV.

  1. Netflix: If you have a Netflix account and you are signed in to the same account on your Kindle and your streaming device, you should be able to send videos from your tablet to the TV. It is not a true screen mirroring but it is nice to know that you can cast videos from the tablet to the TV to easily switch where you are watching the video.
  2. Hulu: You cannot cast videos from Hulu to your streaming device on the Kindle.
  3. Youtube: If you are more tech-savvy and know how to enable installing apps from “Unknown Sources”, then you can download and install the APK for Youtube on your Fire and cast videos from the tablet to your streaming device.
  4. Allcast: If you are using a Fire 7 or newer, you can download an app in the Amazon Appstore called AllCast. This will not mirror your Kindle’s screen on your TV but it will let you stream movies, photos, and more to your big screen.

So, while you cannot fully mirror your Kindle on your TV without a Fire TV or Fire Stick, there are some options to be able to send some content over the network.


The Kindle tablets are meant to be easy to use but they can still be powerful tools if you take a little time and adjust a few settings. It is, of course, way easier to stream content from your tablet to your TV if you are using the Fire ecosystem of devices. Where there is a will, there is a way as they say.

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