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How Do I Link August Smart Lock to Airbnb?

Last Updated Feb 5, 2020
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Superhosts that rely on Airbnb for their income or someone that is just trying to make some extra cash are always looking for easier ways for their guests to manage throughout their stay. August home makes an Airbnb experience much easier and more relaxed by having the ability to use keyless entry. Airbnb hosts are now asking, how do I link August to Airbnb?

How do I Link August to Airbnb?

  1. Open the August Home mobile application, then open the menu in the upper left
  2. Tap on, “Works With,” and select Airbnb
  3. Press “Connet to Airbnb” icon
  4. Press, “Allow,” to give permissions to merge accounts
  5. Pop-up will ask to let August Home have permission to Airbnb. Select ok.

Linking August to Airbnb is a relatively easy process and very quick to get going. While there are not many steps to linking the two, a user could still run into some issues during the linking process and have questions about what to do next. Read on to find out more about how to link August to Airbnb and the troubles that could happen.

How Does August work with Airbnb

Guests that are using Airbnb’s with August home will be able to access everything via the August mobile application. It is rather simple and easy to use and makes an Airbnb stay, much more relaxed and less stressful.

When an Airbnb is booked, the guest will receive an email to direct them to download the August Home app. Once the app is downloaded, it will instruct the user to create an account and link it to their Airbnb accounts.

Once the account is created, guests can use the app to gain entry and lock the doors for the duration of their stay and also review their reservations. This is a great benefit to the Airbnb process as guests will not need to deal with the hassle of a key and can just settle in, as soon as they arrive.


  • Email sent to download August
  • Create an August account
  • Link Airbnb to August
  • Utilize August app for reservations and entry/exit features

How to Invite Guests to August Smart Lock

Traveling has been made easier, cheaper, and more relaxing since the idea of Airbnb was released. The idea of vacationing or booking hotels is even better now that the August smart lock is available for those interested in using it. Hosts and guests no longer have to worry about keys for entry, upon arrival, making Airbnb’s even more hassle-free and relaxing. 

With that said, a common question that hosts have, that are new to August Home is, “how do I invite guests to the August smart lock mobile application, after they’ve made a reservation”? The good news is that inviting guests to use the app is super simple and it is completed in just a few steps.

To add a guest, first, send them an email invite:

  1. Open the August Home mobile app.
  2. Go to the guest icon, in the lower right-hand corner, and tap it.
  3. Tap the invite icon.
  4. Enter either the guest’s phone number or find them in your contacts.
  5. Tap, “Send Invite,” once you’ve added the guest and their level of access.

Still have questions? Check out our full post here on how Guests use the August smart lock!

User Levels with August Home

With the simplicity that August Home brings to hosts across the world with Airbnb, access levels make it even more simple. Hosts have the opportunity to set different levels of access, allowing different permissions while using the smart lock, August Home. There are several differences between the owner and guest permissions.

Guest Permissions:

  • Lock and unlock the doors using the August app

Lock Owner Permissions:

  • Lock and unlock the doors using the August app
  • Use of Auto-Unlock
  • Invite/remove guests and owners
  • Control all lock settings
  • View activity feed
  • View guest list
  • Operate the lock remotely via August Connect

As you can see, lock owner permissions are much greater than guest access. Typically, a host will give owner permissions if they know the guest or if the guest will be staying, longterm. It can be dangerous to hand out ownership to those staying very short term, especially if you do not know them.

Do August Smart Locks Work Without Power and WiFi

What happens when the power goes out and there is no internet connection? Can guests still get into the Airbnb that they rented without power or WiFi? The simple answer is, yes. August does not need WiFi or power, for that matter, to function.

The August smart lock uses 4 AA batteries to maintain life. Once you add the four batteries, it is said that the smart lock will have power for a full six months before it requires a battery change. Users became leery at first, thinking that when the batteries die, they’d be locked out.

What if Your Batteries are Low?

But there is no reason to fret as the mobile application will notify you when the batteries get down to 20%. One suggestion that August Home did make is that you should not use rechargeable batteries and there was no indication as to why they shouldn’t be used, just that it is advised against.

How the Connection Works with Internet and Bluetooth

When it comes time to lock and unlock the doors at the rented Airbnb, how is the signal sent to do so and what if the signal is disrupted? The nice thing about this device is that it does not require a wireless connection, so if the power or internet is out, this product will work.

When the mobile application is launched and the door is unlocked, a signal is sent to the smart lock, turning the deadbolt into the unlocked position. The signal is sent from the device used to unlock the door, to the actual lock, via the Bluetooth connection. Users find this much more comforting, considering Bluetooth can be more reliable, most times. The Bluetooth will need to be turned on, on the mobile device. 

One of the other options available to lock and unlock this device is by setting up an August WiFi bridge. The best benefit of the wireless bridge is that the lock can be armed or disarmed from a remote location, allowing the guest to lock and unlock for those not added to the account as a guest or as an owner.

Overall, if the power or internet is out, it does not matter to the August Smart Lock. The odds of not being able to use the August smart lock, due to technical difficulties are very, very slim. However, in the event that the lock just won’t work with the mobile application, a traditional key can still be used.

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