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How Do I Know If My VTech Baby Monitor Is Charging?

Last Updated Aug 18, 2022

Video monitoring systems bring parents peace of mind when they are away from their children. Many systems, including the VTech Baby Monitor, include a portable screen with the camera unit. However, monitoring is only possible if the device is functioning. One of the most common ways a parent will observe that the device isn’t working is if it is not charging. 

You will know that the VTech baby monitor is charging by seeing the battery icon on the parent unit screen. You will also need to ensure that the system is installed correctly and plugged into a direct power source.

With the hardware included with the VTech Baby Monitor, charging the parent monitoring system is easy! Read on to learn how you can ensure your device is charging.

Charging Your VTech Baby Monitor

Charging is essential to ensuring that your VTech Baby Monitor is working. With no charge, your monitor will not function, which will not help you keep a close eye on your little one!

Charging your VTech Baby Monitor is an easy process. By understanding how the monitor charges, you can ensure that you can quickly and easily confirm that your device has the necessary power to perform each time you use it. 

Keep reading for more information about charging your monitor! 

Preparing to charge your VTech Baby Monitor

As soon as you open the device’s box, follow these steps to begin charging:

  1. Locate the video unit. This device will not charge; rather, it will be powered by a wall plug.
  2. Locate the parent unit. This piece has the screen and antenna and requires a charge to run.
  3. Locate the battery. This will allow the parent unit to run even when it is not plugged into the wall.
  4. Install the battery into the parent unit. On the back of the screen unit, you can remove the battery compartment cover by pressing down and sliding it to the side. Follow the instructions printed on the battery to ensure it is installed correctly.

Once your battery is installed, you are ready for the next step of charging the device!

Charging the Parent Unit

Follow these steps to charge your VTech Baby Monitor Parent Unit:

  1. Locate the charging cord and outlet, and plug the cord into the wall. Make sure your outlet has power to it!
  2. Plug the power cord into the wall and connect it to the parent unit using the charging port on the side. Remember to push the adapter all the way in to ensure a tight connection!
  3. Turn on the parent unit to begin the charging process.

Note that at your first use, you should charge the battery for twelve hours. After your initial use, you can charge the parent unit for shorter amounts of time, but remember that the charge may take longer if the screen is on – you may want to consider turning it off.

Some VTech baby monitor models last up to nineteen hours on a single charge!

Confirming a Parent Unit Charge 

The parent unit has indicators to show you that the battery is charging. The battery icon will be solid if the unit is fully charged and increasingly empty to indicate various degrees of charge. It may also flash as you approach critically low charge levels. 

If your battery is too low to use, you will see the message “Battery low at Parent Unit” preceded by a battery icon. This means that you will need to plug in your device right away to continue using it.

If you see an outlet plug icon, the battery isn’t installed. You should immediately check your battery’s connection and the device installation, but note that the unit can still be used by connecting to an AC power outlet.


If you notice that your device is not charging, follow these steps to remedy the problem easily:

  • Check that the battery is installed correctly
  • Check that the charging cord is plugged into both the wall and the parent unit
  • Confirm that there is power to the outlet where you’ve chosen to charge your device
  • Consider purchasing a replacement charging cord or battery for the parent unit

If none of these suggestions show that your battery is charging, you can easily reboot the system by disconnecting the battery from the parent unit. All you need to do is remove the battery, wait a minute or two, and reinstall the battery using the instructions printed on the pack. 

If a reboot doesn’t work, you can purchase replacement charging cords for the parent unit online. Always double-check that the cord is compatible with your unit before purchasing! If none of these suggestions work, consider reaching out to VTech’s customer care line.


Through just a few easy steps, you can set up your VTech Baby Monitor to charge successfully and enjoy the comfort of knowing you can keep an eye on your baby from anywhere in your home!

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