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How Do I Keep my FitBit Screen On?

Last Updated Jun 24, 2022
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FitBits have evolved since they first launched in 2007, and their screens tell us all we need to know to get a great workout in every time: they tell us about our heart rate, our miles, and more. Many of us want to know details about our body so we can tailor our fitness program appropriately. To do this, you might wonder, “how do I keep my FitBit screen on?

To keep your FitBit screen on, change the display time setting to “always on”. If this does not work, you may need a new battery or you may need to restart your FitBit. However, there are a few other things you might want to know about your FitBit Screen. 

In this article, you’ll learn more about how to keep your FitBit screen on so that you can get the most out of your workout. Read on to learn more!

How Can I Keep FitBit Screen From Turning Off?

Now that we know what the problem is, we can check into some solutions. In order to use your FitBit properly, you’ll need to be able to view the information on the screen. 

We have compiled a quick list of ways to get your FitBit screen to stay on. Here they are:

  • Change the display time settings
  • Always on display check up
  • Keep the FitBit charged
  • Waterlock Mode

If you can’t view the screen, you can’t know what’s going on. Luckily, there are ways to ensure this doesn’ happen!

Change the Display Time Settings

Sometimes, our devices can automatically set timers to turn off their screens. I know, who wants that? But it happens and it’s totally random.

It’s like your phone setting an alarm for a time you never set. Annoying, right?

Don’t worry, we can fix your FitBit from doing the same. First, go into the settings of your FitBit and check to see if the Display Timer or Clock is enabled.

If the display timer or clock is enabled, disable that feature so your FitBit screen stays on. Once disabled, you shouldn’t have an issue. If you do, read on to look into the Always on Display.

Which FitBits Have Always On Display?

Not all FitBits are created equal. The FitBit Versa 2 has an Always On display, but it is the only current FitBit model. The only other model, the FitBit Iconic, was discontinued in 2020 and there was a voluntary recall issued due to safety concerns soon after.

Having an always on display can be great. It may be just the feature you need to enable if you’re having issues keeping your screen on.Now, it’s another problem if your FitBit screen just won’t respond or turn on at all. 

What to do if FitBit Screen Won’t Respond or Turn On

There are times when your FitBit screen won’t even respond, or turn on. In those scenarios, you may need to: 

  • Check the battery
  • Restart the device

With these steps, your screen will likely turn back on. 

Check the Battery

FitBits can come with battery issues. How can you tell if your FitBit is draining the battery, and how can you check to see if it’s working properly? 

Here are some troubleshooting steps you can go through to see if it’s a battery issue:

  1. You will need to fully charge the battery. Your FitBit battery can drain rapidly. A FitBit battery can last 6 days. 
  2. Restart your device.
  3. Turn off Always On Display.
  4. Turn off any additional sensors on your FitBit that you do not use.
  5. Update the FitBit software on the FitBit itself and update your phone app. 
  6. If none of this works, perform a factory reset. 

The battery draining is a big deal. Check to see if your FitBit screen is perfectly fine when it is plugged in. If it is, then you may not have a problem with the screen itself, but the battery.

Check if Water Lock Mode is On 

Water lock mode is a feature that is enabled when the device is submerged in water. It helps prevent accidental touches. 

Make sure the screen is dry, and then double tap the your screen to get it back on. You can also long press the side button, depending on the model you have.

Hopefully one of these steps helps to keep your FitBit screen on. Perhaps turning the Always on Display helps, or it is the cause of your issues. 

Final Thoughts

Your FitBit can take you miles ahead of where you are now by tracking your heart beat and rest. Don’t give up on your device so soon. Try out the tips above to get it to where the screen will stay on for longer periods of time. And if none of those work, you can always contact customer support!

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