How Do I Factory Reset My Wyze Plug?

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Smart plugs are one of the most important devices in your smart home because they make use of WiFi to turn any of your home appliances into a smart one. Sometimes, you may need to remove the current WiFi, set up a new WiFi network, or reset the smart plug because it may have problems connecting. Either way, plugs like Wyze will need a full factory reset.

The factory reset process in the Wyze smart plug is almost the solution to everything. It can be used to remove the WiFi information the plug is currently using, and it can be also used to set up a new wifi network connection. In this article, we are going to be looking at how you can perform this reset, why your smart plug may not be connecting, and how you can reconnect it after a reset.

How Do I Reset a Wyze Smart Plug?

Resetting a Wyze Smart plug is very easy. It doesn’t require complex skills that would make the smart homeowner constantly repeat steps. Wyze Smart plugs (indoor and Outdoor) have buttons and status lights that will help you indicate when the action is done. So how do you reset it?

To perform a full factory reset on your Wyze Smart Plug, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Start by pressing, and holding the power button found at the side of the Smart Plug (Indoor) until you notice the status light blinking blue. For Wyze Outdoor Plug, press one of the power buttons for 5 seconds, this should activate the status light.
  2. Once this light starts blinking, the reset is done, and you can reconnect your smart plug again with your previous WiFi, or a new one, using the Wyze app.

Ensure that your phone and your smart plugs are connected to the same WiFi. You need to also use a strong WiFi network because a weak one, cannot connect. If you would like to learn more about Wyze, check out this article.

Why is My Wyze Smart Plug Not Connecting?

There are various reasons why your Wyze Smart plug (indoor and outdoor) is not connecting. You may also have trouble with the device constantly disconnecting. To find out why your Wyze smart plug is not connecting, you will need to troubleshoot your device. 

Here are the most reasons your Wyze Smart plug may not be connecting:

  • The socket or the main switch which you will put the plug on is probably turned off.
  • Your WiFi network may not be connected, strong, or working properly.
  • You may need to power-cycle the plug to reconnect it back to your network.
  • The Smart plug may need a factory reset. 

Whichever reason it may be, troubleshooting your smart plug would go a long way for you to fix a smart plug that is not connecting. 

How Do I Reconnect My Wyze Plug?

If you have undergone troubleshooting for your Wyze smart plug, you may find out that one of those reasons may be just the case. Don’t panic, we will show you what you can do to ensure that you can reconnect your Wyze Plug. 

To reconnect your Wyze Plug, follow these steps in respect of your result:

  1. Make sure you turn on the socket which your Smart plug is in to ensure a constant flow of electricity. If the socket is bad, try relocating the plug to another socket.
  2. Make sure your WiFi is strong and capable of handling your smart plug. Try moving it closer to the router, and ensure you connect your phone to the same router as the smart plug.
  3. Opt-in for Power-cycling. Reconnect your smart plug by unplugging it from the socket for about 5 seconds, and then plugging it back in. If you are already connected to WiFi, the smart plug will try to reconnect to that WiFi.
  4. Try a factory reset. You can refer to the section above for the steps you need to follow. After Reset, you can then reconnect to your old WiFi, or a new one using our guide here.

Note: If your Smart plug is still offline, try taking it closer to your WiFi network and perform a reset again. When done, you can reconnect it to a new WiFi. 


So now you know how to factory reset a Wyze Smart Plug, you will know what to do when next your smart plug starts acting up. You also need to know that although some smart plugs use Bluetooth, most of them make more use of WiFi. Home WiFi networks usually transmit in two frequencies; 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz. 

Most smart plugs work only on the 2.4 GHz frequency so if your phone is connected on the 5 GHz frequency, you will have a hard time connecting to your smart plug. So before you set up, ensure your phone is on the 2.4 GHz frequency.

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