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How Do I Create a Family Calendar in Google?

Last Updated Sep 8, 2022
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Scared to meet your mom’s brother this Thanksgiving because you forgot to wish him his 50th birthday a few months ago? Of course, the family will never let you hear the end of it. Or did you forget to pick up your kid from basketball practice AGAIN this week? Well, all the misery your family or your significant other puts you through can be laid to rest by creating a family calendar on Google

Usually, creating a family calendar can be challenging. You will have to ensure that all family members can utilize a Google Calendar successfully. Not everyone can navigate the complexities of technology setups. However, by following these steps, one can set up a Google Calendar for any event that can be shared with family members. 

Set Up Your Google Account  

If you are going to be at the helm of this ship, you have to be prepared. The first thing is to set up your Google account—if you do not already have one.

Most of us normally have a Gmail account, but it does not have to be a Gmail account necessarily to create a google account for creating a family calendar. 

A Google Calendar can also be set up by utilizing any other email account you have—a business account, a work account, and even a school account for your kids.  

Gather the Email Information for All the Members and Send Invites 

After you are signed in, the next step will be to collect and organize all the email addresses that need to be included in the calendar. Each member will need to be added to the relevant calendar.

For your relatives, you just need to confirm their information is correctly added. If you plan to add your kids, you must set up their email accounts first. 

If your relatives are spread all around the globe, you will have to make sure that the Google Calendar App is available in their countries.

Once you have gathered all the research, you can send invites to your relatives and family members to join Google Calendar.

Ensure that Google App is Downloaded on All the Family Members’ Devices 

Well, the good news is whether you are an Android lover or a loyal iPhone user, Google Calendar App is easily available for both.

Also, if you are trying to access it through your laptop or computer, you can easily do so by going to the google browser. Once you are signed in to google calendar, it will even set up your time zone. 

Setup an Event and Send Invites to All the Participants 

Next, you will start setting up an event in your virtual calendar. You can easily add a new event like birthdays, sports, dances, etc., by clicking on the Create (+) button in the bottom right corner.

At this stage, you can also set up the repeat option, if you are planning to reuse the same schedule. After setting up the event, you can send invites to the members of the calendar so they can start viewing your calendar event. 

Go to Settings and Share the Calendar 

Google Calendar allows you to share your calendar with a vast and varied audience. All you have to do is click the share button and choose the participants with whom you want to share this particular event.

You can customize who and what you want to share with your family.  For example, a happy hour schedule might not be the best to share with your grandmother. 

It is also noticeable that you cannot only share the calendar with other family members, but they can also add and amend it if you give them access to make changes to your calendar.

You can customize and choose whoever you want to be able to make those changes. 

Setting up the Calendar for Your Kids 

Google allows your kids to set up their account only if they are above 13 years. If your children are younger, you can set up their accounts and add them to the family calendar as participants.

This means they will only be able to view the schedule and not make any changes to it. 

Also, you can customize the calendar viewing. For example, your kids do not have to view your schedule for the week, but they can view their own, and you can view theirs.

This is an excellent option if you feel you do not want to share all the details of your activities with your kids (or other participants). 

Google Calendar—A Good Addition to Organize the Family Chaos 

Overall, it is safe to say that Google Calendar is a good way to organize your schedules.

You can use it for your immediate family and day-to-day use, or you can even use it to keep all the extended family up to date and connected. Also, Google Calendar allows you to reschedule and cancel events.  

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