How Do I Connect My Marshall Kilburn 2 To Bluetooth?


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A high-quality Bluetooth speaker is a great way to enjoy music or audio from a show. This fun Bluetooth speaker comes in a retro design that many people can appreciate. It has superb sound quality, great bass and is easy to carry around. It doesn’t take up too much space and has a handle for easy transport. It is a great option if you want to get a premium speaker.

If you are sold and buy one, you may be wondering what to connect it to first. Should it be your tablet or maybe your smartphone? If the device is Bluetooth compatible, Marshall Kilburn 2 can connect. If you are new to this speaker, read on to learn exactly how you can connect to Bluetooth easily.

How to Connect Marshall Kilburn 2 to Bluetooth

It is extremely satisfying to listen to your smartphone through a Bluetooth speaker. It can make work, cleaning, or just a day outside much more enjoyable when listening to some great music. This can be accomplished with Marshall Kilburn 2. This retro-looking Bluetooth speaker can connect with any Bluetooth-compatible device. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Hold down the Bluetooth button for two seconds on the Marshall Kilburn 2.
  2. Go into the Bluetooth menu on your Bluetooth-enabled device and look for Marshall Kilburn 2 on the list of devices.
  3. Select it and allow it to pair. 

Once the pairing is finished, you can pick a song to listen to. It will begin to play through the speaker, and you can enjoy the music. This is a great way to listen to music at the beach, at work, at the park, or even at home. It is super easy to pair to devices and user-friendly. Sometimes issues occur; keep reading for some troubleshooting tips to help.

Speaking of Trouble

It can be extremely exciting to listen to music through Marshall Kilburn 2. It can also be equally as devastating to stop and realize that it is not working properly. Whether the sound is too low, static-filled, or there isn’t sound, it can lead to disappointment. Luckily, there are some easy ways to check out the issue and solve it. We have tips to get your music back again.

The Sound of Silence

If you go to turn on the music and no sound comes out of the speaker as intended, this could indicate a couple of different issues. One issue could be that the Bluetooth connection needs to be reestablished. Another could be because the speaker is connected to another device, like a smartphone or computer, and you did not realize it. The last is the volume is too low

First, check the Bluetooth connection on the device the music is playing from. This is usually found in the menu or general settings. Ensure Bluetooth is enabled and follow the steps above to establish the pairing. If paired with a different device, select the right one in the same list. Next, turn the volume up on the speaker and the device. The sound should be back in action.

Music That can Shatter Glass

When listening to the music on Marshall Kilburn 2, you may hear a crackling sound. This is distinct and similar to a TV that has lost signal. When this occurs, the volume is likely too high on the speaker, and it’s running out of power. Try turning the volume down and then plug it in for a charge. If the crackling continues, you may have a broken speaker.

You can also use a 3.5mm audio cable to see if the sound problems are coming from the connection or the speaker.

Failed Connection

Sometimes, the connection fails when you pair a device to Marshall Kilburn 2. If it is not loved at first Bluetooth connection, don’t fret, there may be a settings issue. One such issue could be that the device you are trying to connect to the speaker does not have Bluetooth enabled

Another issue could be that two devices are paired with the speaker, which is the max. This speaker only supports two connections at a time. One needs to be removed, and the new device can be paired in its place to solve this problem.

A pin code can also cause an issue during the pairing promise. This is because some devices require a pin to connect to Bluetooth for privacy and security reasons. If your device does not provide you with a code in the instructions or a text, simply input 0000; it is the typical default code for this instance.

Speaker Isn’t Working

Occasionally, the speaker will just stop working for no apparent reason. The first thing you should do in this instance has turned the speaker off, wait a few minutes, and then turn it back on. Once this occurs, it may start to function properly. It often resets the software and refreshes the system, so it works properly once more.

Problem Solved: Rock On

Once you get your device paired and working properly, it is time to whip out the music that speaks to you and makes you happy. It may not be rock, hip hop, or rap; it could be classical, country, or jazz. No matter your taste, enjoying the simple things in life is important. Marshall Kilburn 2 brings the joy of music to life.

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