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How Do I Connect My Fire TV Cube To Public WiFi?

Last Updated Nov 19, 2021
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Amazon’s Fire TV Cube is the latest video streaming device to grace us, and it has created quite a buzz in the process. Despite allowing you to watch your favorite shows in 4K resolution, it also makes it easy to connect to any WiFi network, including public WiFi. Public WiFi, like those in hotels or restaurants, can be free if you’re staying in one or close to one. However, you need to know how to connect to them.

Fire TV Cube can detect WiFi connections, and if it doesn’t, use the remote control to scan for nearby connections. Enter the password to the WiFi, unless it’s an open network. Choose your Amazon account, decide whether you want to save the password or not, and click connect.

That’s not all, as you still need to know whether it’s safe to connect your Cube to public WiFi and how to stay safe when accessing such connections, which you will learn if you read on.

How Do You Connect a Fire TV Cube to Public WiFi?

Fire TV Cube is the crème de la crème of the streaming devices due to its impressive features beyond simple streaming. The device also combines with Alexa to get you the very best experience when interacting with it.

Unlike the Fire TV Stick that requires the use of captive portals to access public WiFi such as hotel internet, Fire TV Cube only requires you to do a simple internet search, and you’re good to go. Here is how you connect to public WiFi using your Amazon Fire TV Cube:

  1. Identify the network: Fire TV Cube can detect available connections by default. If it doesn’t, you can use the remote control to scan for nearby internet connections.
  2. Choose the desired network: After scanning, you’ll get a list of available networks, but only choose the one strong enough based on the number of network bars.
  3. Enter credentials: You’ll need a password to connect to the network. Some public WiFi networks might not require passwords, and some might require a username and password. Make sure you have every detail to connect.
  4. Choose your account: Fire TV Cube will require you to select the user account. You should have a private account for home connection and a different one for public WiFi use for safety purposes.
  5. Save the password: A pop-up screen will appear asking you to save the password. You should do so to avoid going through the connection process again.

By now, you’re done and can start streaming your favorite shows and movies. Make sure you choose the strongest internet connection, as this will prevent video buffering, which can be exhausting and frustrating.

Is it Safe to Connect your Cube to Public WiFi?

Hackers like to prey on public WiFi to steal important details such as your email, passwords, and financial details. Since your Amazon account contains such details to aid in payment and subscribing to streaming services, it’s effortless for hackers to get them once they access the same network.

Besides the risks of your account being hacked through public WiFi, there is also the issue of advertisers who creep on your data, trying to find out which shows and movies you watch. The advertisers, although harmless, would go ahead and push ads to you, with some even going as far as sending your emails with their offers. If you’ve ever received an email from a product vendor and you don’t remember opting into their email list, you’re probably a victim of email phishing.

Although not everyone who has access to public WiFi has ill intentions, it’s always best to take precautions as you don’t know when a leak could occur.

How to Stay Safe when Connecting your Cube to Public WiFi

Amazon has several online safety methods to keep you away from prying eyes when using its products. However, hackers are changing their tactics every day, which means you, too, need to be extra vigilant, especially when accessing public WiFi.

You might think that a hacker accessing your Amazon Fire TV Cube might not cause any harm, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. However, your Cube might act as a gateway to your home network, email, and home addresses, and not to mention your financial details such as credit card numbers.

To ensure your safety, here are a few tips you can adopt:

  • Clear your home network password: Fire TV Cube saves passwords, including your home network. Make sure you clear the home password before leaving home so that no one else can access it.
  • Use stronger passwords: It’s a no-brainer that weaker passwords pose little challenge to hackers. Try longer and complex Amazon passwords or two-step authentication.
  • Clear any financial information: Saving your credit card number might be great for instant future payments, but it’ll also expose it to hackers. Clear such details after payments to be safe.
  • Use premium antivirus: Antivirus such as Kaspersky would go a long way in keeping your device safe from hackers and attacks.


It’s easy to connect a Fire TV Cube to public WiFi, as long as you have all the connection details needed to secure a connection. Public WiFi might be great, but it can also expose you to imminent danger from hackers and malicious software.  

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