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How Do I Connect My Apply TV To A New WiFi?

Last Updated Oct 1, 2022
A user connecting their Apple TV with a remote

Apple TV is a great tool for those who want to stream apps and shows through their TV. If you’ve changed your internet provider or got a new router, you will wonder, how do I connect my Apple TV to a new network?

To connect your Apple TV to a new WiFi network, you need to go into the settings menu on the device. You will access the network menu and adjust the WiFi connection as needed within the settings menu. 

Although it sounds extremely simple, some oddities can occur when connecting your device to a new WiFi network. Below we have outlined the steps you should take to be successful.

Connecting to a Network With a Browser Log In

Commercial properties often have WiFi networks available to their guests. Guests are often required to log onto these networks through a web browser. 

Below we have highlighted the steps to do this so you can watch your Apple TV anywhere, any time.

Navigate to Settings

First, turn on your Apple TV. Then go to the settings buttons and select it with the remote. The settings button looks like a grey gear on the bottom panel of the Apple TV’s main screen. 

If you’ve lost your remote, don’t worry, there are separate steps to connect your Apple TV to WiFi without a remote.

Select Network Menu

Now, scroll through the menu options to find the labeled Network button. This will pop open the next on-screen menu.

Choose One WiFi Network

Once you navigate the network menu, you must select the WiFi network you want your Apple TV to connect to. 

This connection should be labeled based on the hotel, store, or area you visit. 

If the Apple TV is turned on, it will detect networks that have available connections. A screen will appear to show the options, so the network does not have to be typed manually.

Follow the Onscreen Instructions

After you select the appropriate network to connect to and enter the password, your iOS device will provide you with onscreen instructions. 

These onscreen instructions will walk you through the rest of the required information needed to connect to the network of your choice.

Changing From Wired to Wireless

Another common scenario Apple TV users find themselves in is trying to swap their Apple TV from a wired connection to a wireless one or vice versa. 

This process is a lot more simple than many realize. We have outlined the steps below to help you get connected.

Remove the Ethernet Cable

First, you must unplug the ethernet cable from the back of the Apple TV. 

If you aren’t sure which one this is, simply follow the cord that leads to your modem or router. Press gently on the plastic release and remove it.

Navigate to Settings

Once the ethernet cable is unplugged from the Apple TV, you will need to grab the remote and navigate to the settings menu on the Apple TV. 

This menu shows up as a gear icon at the bottom pane.

Pick Your Network

Choose the network menu and then search for the WiFi connection you want to connect to. Once you select the network you want, there will be an onscreen menu that will appear. 

This menu will provide you with instructions to help you finish completing the connection.

Troubleshooting Your Apple TV WiFi Connection

In the world of technology, devices can start acting up at any moment. It is also very true when it comes to internet connectivity. 

Below we have highlighted some quick tips to troubleshoot Apple TV WiFi problems so you can spend more time watching your favorite shows.

Change to a Wired Connection

The first thing you should try to do to fix this problem change over to a wired connection. WiFi can be spotty and cut in and out if the signal weakens. 

This provides a poor internet connection and may make Apple TV think there is no internet.

Wired connections are the best option as they provide a steady stream of consistent internet to smart devices. This, in turn, prevents interruption in service and slow load times.

Ensure that your wire is a good quality ethernet with enough length to reach your device and modem.

Check For Outages

Sometimes the internet has an outage due to unforeseen circumstances like human error or weather. Call your local internet provider and see if they have a report of an outage. 

Outages can last up to a few days, depending on your community and the provider’s response time.

Firmware Updates

Another reason the internet may not be as strong as you envisioned is due to missing firmware updates. 

It is important to regularly update the Apple TV so that the connection is strong and does not malfunction. 

Updating firmware can be done manually through your computer, or it can be done on the Apple TV itself through its settings. iOS updates regularly patch bugs and fix issues for better user experiences.

Ready, Set, Internet

Now that you know how to connect to different networks, you can confidently stream your favorite shows and movies through your Apple TV. With a secure network, good signal, and sometimes a WiFi extender, your internet and TV experience should be trouble-free.

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