How Do I Connect My Apple AirPods to Echelon?

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Echelon bikes enable users to exercise at home and lead healthier lifestyles. The bike comes with a built-in app that allows users to partake in exercise classes specific to the bike. Many users connect their Apple AirPods to their Echelon for a better experience. In order to do this, the user must pair their Apple AirPods to Echelon through Bluetooth.

It can be frustrating to pair devices with Echelon, unless there is some tech-savvy experience to help throughout the process. Read on to learn how to pair Apple AirPods to Echelon properly, troubleshooting tips for connecting Apple AirPods, and the benefits using Apple AirPods have during a workout.

Connecting to Bluetooth For the First Time

In order to use your Apple AirPods to listen to your Echelon class, you will need to pair them properly via Bluetooth. The Echelon bike comes with Bluetooth compatibility. This makes the setup for both pieces of equipment much easier. 

Follow these steps to get a successful connection:

  • Press the Echelon button
  • Hold it until it beeps and a light flashes
  • Tap the ‘More’ button at the bottom right-hand side of the screen
  • Next, tap ‘Select Equipment
  • Now choose ‘Connect Bike.’
  • Select yes on the screen that pops up asking to connect
  • A device list should appear

Connecting to Bluetooth for the first time should ensure it does not have to be connected to the device again. Occasionally though, an already paired device doesn’t read properly and will need to be reconnected. 

Connecting to Bluetooth After Having Been Connected

If a pair of Apple Airpods or other device has already connected to Bluetooth previously but has disconnected, then a different set of instructions is applicable. 

These instructions are a simple way to accomplish this connection:

  • Turn on your Apple AirPods
  • Get on your Echelon
  • Navigate to the class desired
  • Tap the headphone icon on the screen
  • The Apple AirPods will connect to the bike using the prior Bluetooth connection
  • The icon will turn from white to red to indicate a successful connection to the Echelon

This should ensure that the device is properly connected to the Apple AirPods.

Apple AirPods Aren’t Connecting to Reflect Touch

It can be frustrating when your Apple AirPods aren’t connecting to your Reflect Touch. This is a common problem that many users face during the Bluetooth connection process. 

Here are some easy steps to follow to fix the issue:

  • Take your Apple AirPods and place them back into the charging case
  • Ensure the lid is open
  • Hold the button on the back of the case until the light starts to blink white
  • Your Apple AirPods should appear in the Bluetooth connection list
  • Select them
  • Enjoy the class with the Apple AirPods

After this, the issue with the Apple AirPods not connecting should be resolved.

Apple AirPods Aren’t Connecting to Mounted Tablet on Echelon

Another frustrating common issue that users have when pairing their Apple AirPods with the Echelon is that they won’t pair to the mounted tablet on the bike. In order to troubleshoot this issue, follow these steps:

  • Put the AirPods back into their charging case
  • Ensure the lid is open
  • Hold the button on the back of the case until the light starts to blink white
  • Apple AirPods should appear in the Bluetooth connection list
  • Select them
  • Sounds should now be able to be heard from the mounted tablet

The AirPods can then be enjoyed from the mounted tablet on the bike.

The Sound Is Too Low

Sometimes users have a hard time adjusting the volume to get it to just the right decibel. It is hard to work out when you cannot hear an instructor clearly. Not only is it frustrating and demotivating, but it can be grounds for quitting your new routine altogether. Follow these tips to troubleshoot the problem so you can back to biking faster.

Turn Up the Volume

One common issue users have with their AirPods is that when they automatically connect to the Bluetooth, the volume is adjusted down on the headphones. This is a safety precaution used by Apple to help prevent unintentional hearing loss. Press the volume up button on the side of your AirPods to turn up the volume. You should see an immediate difference.

Charge Your AirPods

The better the charge your AirPods have, the better sound they will produce. In order to ensure you are getting the best sound volume and quality, ensure your earbuds are fully charged before working out. This can prevent you from poor sound quality and power-saving volume-reducing functions.

Unpair and Repair the AirPods

Sometimes a complete reset is necessary to improve the sound quality. This can be accomplished by disabling Bluetooth on the Echelon bike and forgetting the Apple AirPods. You can do this by selecting the gear (menu), selecting Bluetooth settings, and deleting the Apple Airpods. Please follow our connection steps again to try to get your sound working again.

AirPods and Echelon are a Good Pair

The Apple AirPods and Echelon make a great pair. Not only do they provide great sound during Echelon classes, but they offer a noise-canceling feature, which ensures limited distractions during a workout. Connecting the duo is relatively easy, making the combo beneficial for everyone.

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