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How Do I Cancel My Spectrum Service?

Last Updated Jun 20, 2022

You’re probably considering canceling your Spectrum service because you’re unhappy with the service or moving to an area that doesn’t have Spectrum coverage. We’re here to help you cancel your service as quickly and easily as possible.

Visiting the store to cancel your Spectrum service can be an annoying and long experience. There are several things you need to take care of several things, including returning the equipment. Therefore, we’ve put together some quick tips to make your cancellation process easy and simple.

How to Cancel Spectrum Service

Canceling your service with any cable or internet provider can be daunting. With Spectrum, it’s fairly clear-cut how they will allow you to cancel your service.

Spectrum only allows you to cancel your service by either visiting the store in person or calling in. Since there’s no way to cancel your service online, doing it wrong can potentially cost you more.

If you incorrectly cancel your service, you may be charged more. You will have to cancel the service before returning any rented equipment. If you have purchased your modem, router, or WiFi extenders, you do not need to give these to Spectrum. Keep reading to learn how to go through this process.

If you’re moving to an area with Spectrum and enjoy your service, you won’t have to cancel it. There are quick and easy steps to transferring your service with you.

Spectrum Service Cancellation at a Glance

Now that you’ve decided to cancel your Spectrum service, you’re probably wondering about the process and what happens next. Here are a few things you need to know about canceling your Spectrum service.

  • Return all their equipment to close your account at their store or by mail.
  • Spectrum can offer to collect their equipment in case of a documented disability.
  • Spectrum no longer charges early termination fees, but if you don’t return their equipment, you will have to pay a fee.
  • Call Spectrum if you change your mind within 30 days to restart your service.

It’s a good idea to confirm from their customer service that you won’t be responsible for any charges after the termination of your services. Make sure to get a case number and the name of the representative you’re taking care of the process with.

How to Cancel My Spectrum Service by Calling In?

You need to call Spectrum customer service on their official number to cancel your service. You should also remember that they’ll continue to bill you regularly if you fail to submit a disconnection request.

When you call Spectrum at (833) 267-6094 to cancel your spectrum service, you can start by saying “Disconnect Service” or request a customer representative. Tell the customer service representative that you want to cancel your service, and they’ll run you through the process.

The customer service representative will ask you for your account information. They may also transfer you to a retention agent to verify that you’re the account holder. Once they have your account information, they will cancel your service.

How to Return Spectrum Equipment After Cancellation?

There’s no way to avoid a visit to a Spectrum store or your nearest post office. If you’re wondering about the process of returning your equipment after cancellation, here’s what you need to know.

When you cancel your Spectrum service, you’ll need to return all of their equipment. This includes any modems, routers, or TV boxes that you may have. You can return your equipment by mail or by bringing it to a Spectrum store.

If you choose to return your equipment by mail, you’ll need to include a pre-paid shipping label. You can use services like UPS or FedEx for this. When you return your equipment to a Spectrum store in person, you’ll need to bring a valid form of ID with you. You’ll also need to return any cables or remote controls with your equipment.

Once Spectrum receives your returned equipment, they will verify that all items are accounted for and in working condition. If everything is in order, you’ll receive a confirmation email, and your account will be closed.

If you have questions about returning your Spectrum equipment, contact the company’s customer service department for help.

Where Do I Return My Spectrum Equipment?

If you can’t go to a Spectrum store to return your equipment, you can choose a mailing service like FedEx or UPS. Spectrum prefers that you use UPS since they offer a free-of-charge service to return the Spectrum equipment.

You can use the UPS store locator tool to find a nearby office. You can use FedEx to return your equipment if you can’t find a UPS store nearby. Otherwise, you can visit the store directly to return this equipment.

Spectrum will charge you for each device if you don’t return everything they have leased. You also need to make sure that they’re all in working condition.

Is There a Fee for Canceling My Spectrum Service?

If you cancel your Spectrum TV service, you will not be charged a cancellation fee. Spectrum no longer offers contracts on any of their packages, so you don’t have to worry about the early termination fee either. However, since they no longer have prorated billing, you’ll be billed for the entire month even if you cancel before the month ends.


Canceling your Spectrum service would be a hassle-free experience if you call them to cancel your service, discontinue before the next billing cycle, return all your equipment on time, and pay any remaining dues before the due date. Some people cancel their services only to avail themselves of new customer deals by signing up again.

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