How Do I Add a Room to My WYZE Vacuum?

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You recently bought a robot vacuum from WYZE to your home; you have been using it for some time and enjoy the experience a lot. However, there is a room missing from the device’s map, and it is getting dirty. So how can you add this room to the map?

WYZE Robot Vacuum only allows for a single map at a time. If a room was not in the first scan, a map reset and another scan is required to include it. Users can, however, partition an existing area into multiple ‘rooms’ or merge adjacent rooms.

There are many other features to use when mapping your home with your WYZE Vacuum. Keep reading for more tips on troubleshooting incomplete maps and what you can do about rooms in your WYZE Vacuum’s map.

How to Reset the Map of a WYZE Robot Vacuum

As mentioned above, the only way for you to add a room to your WYZE vacuum when you already have a map set is to reset the map and re-scan your home.

To perform a map reset on the device, take the following steps:

  • Open the WYZE App. Tap Settings (gear-shaped icon) in the top-right.
  • Tap Reset Map, and then tap Reset again in the pop-up.
  • Once complete, send the device on a cleaning run to map out the area.

Take care that you do not interrupt the robot during its cleaning run by getting in its way or leaving small objects on the floor. Update the app to version 2.16+ if you have an Android device and version 2.16.48+ if you use an iOS device.

How Do You Edit the Map in a WYZE Robot Vacuum?

You know how to reset your WUZE Vacuum’s map to include a missed room, but what if you have partitioned a single room to split it up into two rooms? You’ll need to edit your map.

Follow the steps below to edit the map in a WYZE Vacuum:

  • Open the WYZE app. 
  • Tap on your WYZE Robot Vacuum.
  • Tap the pencil icon.
  • Tap Customize rooms.
  • Split, merge or rename the desired room(s).

For splitting a room, tap Customize rooms and select that room. Tap and drag the line to adjust from where you want to divide the area. Then tap OK when prompted for confirmation.

Merge two rooms by selecting both of them and tapping Merge. You will not need to confirm when merging them. If you want to rename an area or room, tap on it and then tap Rename. Enter a new name and then tap OK.

You can also try another method for creating/splitting rooms in the WYZE app. Instead of tapping the pencil icon, open Settings and tap Map Editor. Tap on the map and open an area you want to edit. Tap Split to divide that area into two and adjust the line as you like. Tap OK to confirm changes or Back option to cancel changes. For merging or renaming rooms, select them and Tap Merge or Rename.

What is WYZE Vacuum Quick Mapping?

If you don’t have all the time in the world to map out your home, you may have heard of the option “Quick Mapping” for your WYZE vacuum. But what is it?

Quick Mapping is a facility provided in WYZE Robot Vacuums for scanning an entire floor without cleaning for the device to generate a floor plan quickly, which the user can promptly review.

Your WYZE Robot Vacuum requires a cleaning run, in the beginning, to map out your home, which can be time-consuming. You should use Quick Mapping if you want to review the map created by your new WYZE Vacuum without having to wait for it to make a cleaning trip. You will need to update your robot firmware to at least version 1.6.113 and the WYZE app to version 2.19 or higher.

How to Use WYZE Vacuum Quick Mapping

Now that you know what quick mapping is, let’s learn how to use it.

To use Quick Mapping on your WYZE device, follow these steps:

  • Open the WYZE app.
  • Tap your WYZE Robot Vacuum.
  • Open Edit Map.
  • Tap Quick Mapping.

If you would like to learn more about Wyze, check out this article.

Can WYZE Robot Vacuum Work on Multiple Floors?

Perhaps you have multiple floors in your home and are wondering if you can run it on the next floor after it’s done with the first.

A WYZE Robot Vacuum can work on a floor other than the one scanned, but it will try to follow the same map because it can only hold one at a time. That can result in the vacuum getting stuck when cleaning if both floors are not the same layout.

Your WYZE vacuum will also be confused when it tries to return to the charging station when you use it on a different floor. For this reason, it is better that you reset the map of your device before using it on the new floor. You will have to do this every time you switch the floor. The settings you specified in the maps will disappear whenever you reset them.

You can buy the WYZE Robot Vacuum with the LIDAR Mapping Technology to clean all rooms without any hassle. The multi-store cleaning is still in the testing stage, but you can expect it sometime in the future for your device. Just make sure that you keep the app and the robot firmware up-to-date.


The WYZE Robot Vacuum is one of the best home cleaning solutions out there. It has cutting-edge navigation technology and offers plenty of features for a competitive price, but it does have its limitations. Currently, the software is not powerful enough to facilitate easy cleaning of areas not configured in the device beforehand. If you want to order this product, 

So keep your fingers crossed, be calm, and let the robot do the worrying!

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