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How Cold can a Toshiba TV Get?

Last Updated Jun 27, 2022
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Many people already know how hazardous heat can be to a TV, but few ever imagine that TVs could catch chills. If you own a Toshiba TV, it is right to be curious about how cold it can get, especially if you are about to get into the cold season.

Overall, Toshiba TV can get as cold as 32°F (0°C). But, some other factors such as climate, weather, and so on can determine how cold a Toshiba TV can get.

But does cold have any effect on Toshiba TV? What happens if one is exposed to colder temperatures than is recommended? Continue reading this article to know how your Toshiba TV will fare in the cold.

Does Toshiba TV get Cold?

Now, Toshiba TVs get cold. What makes this a concern is that TVs are not supposed to be freezing cold. The extent to which they can get cold depends on these factors:

  • Climate: Areas closer to the poles are always cold all year round. Toshiba TV in this area would experience cold often. Except the internal room temperature is regulated, the Tv may experience chilly temperatures.
  • Season: You would not have to worry about your Toshiba TV getting chilly during the summers. But winters bring low temperatures, which could be more extreme in polar areas. That said, the TV could experience temperatures less than 32°F (0°C)
  • Usage Condition: The more you use your Toshiba TV, the warmer it becomes. This is because the TV constantly emits heat while in use, preventing it from getting cold, especially if you’re using it indoors.
  • Duration of exposure: If you are using your TV within the cozy walls of your house, there is not a thing to worry about. However, if you leave it outside and in areas prone to cold, you would have a nippy Toshiba TV on hand.

Not every level of cold is risky to your Toshiba TV. So, some effects may be severe, and others may be negligible. A cold could affect your appliance temporarily or cause irreversible damage.

What Happens when Toshiba TV gets Cold?

Several scenarios could play out when your TV gets cold. Some low temperatures could endanger your TV, while others aren’t enough to cause any harm. Here are several possibilities when Toshiba TV gets cold.

  • Toshiba TV may not work at all: The overall wellbeing of the TV may be affected if the cold is beyond normal (less than 41F). The TV may even start working erratically. And some frozen parts like the circuits board may break off, causing the TV not to work or function abysmally.
  • Low image quality: if your Toshiba TV screen uses liquid crystal to display image, the liquid may be frozen, affecting the display quality.

There is no way to guarantee which of these would happen to your Toshiba TV. The temperature and extent of exposure would determine what happens to your appliance.

Can you Leave Toshiba TV in the Cold?

Most Toshiba TVs are designed for indoor use. So, it wouldn’t be advisable to leave your own in the cold. You should not leave your TV in the cold because:

  • Condensation can affect the TV’s display or even damage electrical components.
  • The cold may cause the liquid in some TVs displays to freeze.
  • Plastics tend to crack under low temperatures, and the TV housing is at risk.

Remember that your Toshiba TVs are not outdoor appliances, and you should protect them from the elements. Therefore, if you wish to leave your Toshiba TV out in the cold, ensure it has sufficient cover to prevent moisture from settling into it. Also, ensure that the temperature is not freezing cold, as you may never get it to work again.

What can I do if My Toshiba TV gets Cold?

If your TV gets cold, you need to increase its temperature by doing the following.

  • Change its location to somewhere warmer: This is preferable, but some caution must be taken while doing this. If you must change your TV from a cold place to a warmer one, ensure it adapts to a warm spot before turning it on. Else, the screen of the TV may condense. 
  • Always put on the TV: For mild cold, the heat emission from your Toshiba TV will be sufficient to get it back to a convenient temperature.

What Temperature can Toshiba TV Withstand?

Toshiba TV, like other TVs, has a minimum or maximum temperature it can withstand. So, before you install the TV, you must be aware of this temperature to avoid emergency damage. The recommended working temperature of Toshiba TVs ranges from 41-100 degrees Fahrenheit. So, while your TV is working, ensure you check if it is emitting heat at the vent or not. If it emits heat, your TV is in good condition.

Meanwhile, the advised storage temperature for most TVs is -4°F to 140°F. We would also advise you not to expose your Toshiba TV to a temperature beyond this limit. Else, you stand the risk of replacing your TV prematurely.

Final Thoughts

Avoid taking chances with your Toshiba TV during cold weather. Keep inside the house as warm as possible. If you must store it away during cold periods, you could wrap it in wool clothing. Again, do not use the TV outside in icy temperatures, and if you feel your TV is very cold, do not switch on immediately. That could cause the soldering to break or the cracks in the circuit boards.